The Best Of the Fat Burners

Cut man and womanWe’ve put together a little summary of the top fat-burner/weight loss supplements we have reviewed.

A good fat-burner will help you to shed those unwanted pounds via different modes of action.

Generally speaking, we would like to see a rounded supplement which exhibits the following behaviour:

  • Thermogenesis – the action of burning fat through raising the metabolism and core temperature of the individual.
  • Appetite Suppressant – where ingredients will help to keep the snacking demons away. Good nutrition is key to losing fat and bad habits cannot get in the way.
  • Energy Boost – whether from stimulants or not, we need some Get-Up-And-Go in our lives. This is especially important when dieting. Any help to get motivated to exercise is welcome.

There are exceptions to this format because, as you will hopefully discover, some ingredients have been found to work very effectively on their own. These are generally the natural herb like ingredients found to be strong on their own, and mixing them with other compounds would just “water them down.”

The companies that produce these supplements are as important as the products themselves. For our approval, they need to demonstrate real emphasis on the fact that a diet pill alone is not going to be sufficient to shift large quantities of fat.

We want to see them promote both Exercise and Healthy Nutrition in their message to potential customers. Of course, on top of this, there needs to be some good special offers (fat burners can sometimes be expensive).

Excellent customer service, strong guarantees and breadth in delivery and payment options are always a plus.

Here are some that made the cut.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout cutting supplementThis is a competition level fat cutting supplement. It’s been formulated with intensity in mind what with arguably some of the most effective doses of fat-burning ingredients in any supplement we’ve seen.

Instant Knockout has a great track record so far and a very large customer base considering it is a fairly new product. The highlights to note are the strength of the Green Tea Extract and Glucomannan as a base for both catechin driven fat burning and some comfortable junk food resistance.

This is one for a results driven person, committed to 3 month spells of carving themselves into shape. Take a couple of weeks off in between each period like that before re-commencing the cycle.

The 4 bottles, T-Shirt and Free worldwide delivery deal is a winner. Follow either of the links just below for more.

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Phentermine alternativePhen375 is a shining example of the complete fat burner package. Originally based on giving its customers the benefits of the now-banned drug Phentermine while removing the negative side-effects associated with it, Phen375 has a huge international following.

The company that makes it, steers its business around the customer feedback they receive. There aren’t any celebrity endorsements in sight when you browse through the testimonial pages from people happy they have lost weight due to a lifestyle adaptation that includes Phen375.

An appetite suppressant, energy booster and thermogenic fat-burner all in one package, it is a total weight loss system.

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Hiprolean X-S

Hiprolean extra strengthEvolution Slimming released Hiprolean X-S as the strongest and fastest acting fat-burner on their line. We’re not going to argue with them.

Another powerful blend of ingredients here gives us the fat-burning trifecta: thermogenesis, energy boosting and an appetite suppressant.

Evolution Slimming is as much the weight loss aid as the products it creates. The website is bustling with articles, videos, reviews and diet plans geared to help you in your goals.

Exercise and sensible nutrition come hand in hand with a smart weight loss plan and this company is no stranger to customers who need that support.

With Hiprolean X-S, Evolution Slimming and your own strength, there’s a way forward for shedding unwanted fat and sculpting your body to match your expectations.

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Garcinia Cambogia Extra

Garcinia Cambogia for menWhile not technically containing ingredients that fulfill all the criteria mentioned in our pre-amble, we’ve thrown Garcinia Cambogia Extra into the mix based mostly on the feedback of the product from customers who have used it – not to mention that we personally know some avid fans of the stuff, a fact which may have twisted our arms a little.

This particular product has some Raspberry Ketone in it as well for extra potency. Garcinia Cambogia is an asian fruit containing Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). It can attenuate the liver’s role in turning excess carbohydrate into fat. There’s also evidence supporting it’s mood elevating and appetite suppressing properties.

Raspberry Ketone is an extract from fruits (particularly raspberries) which burns fat fat raising metabolic rate.

This natural, fruit based fat burner is adored by those who want a stimulant free, side-effect free weight loss supplement.

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ThermaKORThermaKOR has a recipe which a lot of companies would say is too expensive to manufacture. We don’t know how KOR Nutrition have managed to do it, and sell it for such reasonable prices – and we don’t really care. In our opinion, it’s easily the best fat-burner we’ve tested in a long time, and it might even be the best ever.

Containing really potent ingredients such as synephrine, hordenine and the trademarked Forslean, ThermaKOR sets the bar for thermogenic fat burners everywhere. It doesn’t just use thermogenesis either; there’s appetite suppression, metabolism, energy and mental boosting compounds in there too.

The product is manufactured in USA and shipping is available to most destinations including all major countries: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada and European countries.

We have a special Coupon Code for our readers to get an extra 10% off any purchase – use FUELENDURERECOVER in the checkout page.

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