Marine Muscle – Anabolic – Cutting – Strength – Review and Recommendations

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Marine Muscle is a line of anabolic products sold exclusively to Americans. They contain ingredients which cannot be manufactured or sold in Europe, UK, Australia or Canada.

These products are legal alternatives to steroids, and can therefore only be produced and sold in the US, due to different laws.

The company focuses on enhancing the three main objectives of resistance training:

  1. Bulking – building muscle mass
  2. Cutting – shredding fat
  3. Strength – becoming more powerful

They refer to researching 6 ingredients which they say are missing from other brands and products on the market.

With Marine Muscle’s Military Grade Anabolic Steroid Alternatives, it is clear the brand is aimed at men who are looking to get as built, ripped and strong as possible without compromising their health by using black market steroids.

Give Me the Basics

Okay, so there are 4 main categories of Marine Muscle products:

  • Bulking
  • Cutting
  • Strength
  • Stacks

Marine Muscle ResultsBULKING products are those which are formulated to increase, enhance, speed up, or otherwise improve the process of building muscle mass.

CUTTING is the business of getting rid of fat. The cutting products are designed to accelerate the burning of unwanted fat. Whether you want to be built like The Rock or just be as hard as stone, you still need to lose fat in order to show off the muscles you have sculpted.

STRENGTH is the cornerstone of resistance training and bodybuilding. It comes with recovery and growth but it can be augmented with certain anabolic compounds. Without increasing it, muscle growth will plateau and you won’t have enough momentum to continue breaking new ground.

STACKS combine the products within each category to make the ideal Bulking, Cutting or Strength supplement stack.

How Fast Will I See Results?

Marine Muscle Bicep CurlThat depends on you. Like anabolic steroids, these products rely on you doing some hard work as well.

There is no easy way to increase muscle and strength, while cutting fat, but there are better ways of getting more achieved at a faster rate.

Marine Muscle products have been developed with that in mind. You work hard, they work hard. That’s the message the company appears to be conveying.

If you start from nothing – no training experience – then 12 weeks of combined resistance training (weights) and moderate cardio-vascular training will have you looking and feeling virtually transformed.

Are They Safe?

doctorThese products are very safe. They do not have the same side effects as synthetic anabolic steroids.

Marine Muscle products are safe and free of side effects, provided you stick to the recommended dosages.

Of course, this applies to the average person who considers themselves to be in a good state of overall health.

Certain people should not use supplements other than those directed by their doctor, including: pregnant women, breastfeeding women, anyone taking prescription medication, anybody with a medical condition.

We use Marine Muscle products without a problem.

Are They Legal?

Marine Muscle Legal in AmericaThese products are legal in the United States, where they are manufactured and sold.

Certain compounds have been deemed as controlled substances in other countries. There appears to be little basis for this besides the fact that some government officials cannot comprehend the difference between synthetic anabolic steroids and safe anabolic alternatives.

A good example is Canada, who allow Ephedrine (a known health concern) but do not allow some of the ingredients in Marine Muscle.

Whatever the reasons, it is the way it is. If you are in America, do not worry. These are legal.

Where Should I Start?

Marine Muscle Legal Steroid CollectionBegin by deciding what your main focus of your training is. If you want to build as much muscle mass as you can then start with the BULKING STACK of course.

If sculpted muscle definition is your goal then the CUTTING STACK may be the starting point.

A lot of guys will head straight to the STRENGTH STACK so they can accelerate the improvements in their base power. Not a bad idea at all to be honest.

Providing a good sold strength base is so valuable.

And, that’s how we began. It’s not as if you can’t succeed in all these areas, but strength is the key to becoming an animal !!

Conclusion and Recommendations

Marine Muscle Chest We found Marine Muscle products to be far superior in terms of quality and results than other competitors on the market.

Hardcore muscle builders, strength boosters and fat burners are difficult to come by because of the regulations imposed on them by many international countries.

Marine Muscle has decided to go another way and design and develop their products in the USA and market them purely for Americans.

This allows them the leg room to make the products they want to, with the ingredients we all want to get the hardcore results.

We definitely recommend you to give them a try.

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