Prime Male – New Testosterone Booster Sets The Bar

Prime Male: Editor’s Review


Prime Male Test BoosterThis is one of my favourite supplements to have been released recently, and it’s definitely my favourite T booster currently available. I really do think Prime Male has set the standard that all other Testosterone Boosters (Growth Hormone and IGF-1 as well for that matter) have to be be judged against from now on.

Don’t take my word for it though, try it out for yourself and see what I mean. They have a solid guarantee in place, so you can do just that. The 4 bottles for the price of 3 deal gets you free shipping wherever you are in the world.

I often say that a good T booster should be in every guy’s supplements stack, and this product just reinforces it. If you’re over 30 or think you may have low testosterone levels naturally, look no further. I’ll drop a link here and at the bottom. Continue reading for my full review or click the link to go to the product site.

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Prime Male Review

strong fibresMy email inbox fills with notifications on the latest and greatest supplements faster than I can read them. Some of them are worth a second look, and some I can tell from a glance at the label that their quality lives and dies with the marketing hype that put them on the shelf in the first place.

Prime Male was one that got a second look, and a third, and well, you get the picture. My interests lie quite heavily in finding quality products – primarily a selfish task, as I use supplements myself – but given that I’d only recommend something I myself would use, it is genuine advice from my point of view.

Like most people, I’m not getting any younger, yet I still want to get stronger, fitter and faster with time. This is counter-intuitive when I really think about it, but I don’t care – there will be a point that I level out across the board before starting the slow decline, but it hasn’t happened yet.

After all, the great age related ‘decline’ is relative to the observed measurable. Absolute power might drop off a bit after your mid-twenties, but endurance only gets better and better. There’s 50 year old Ironman triathletes still beating their time every year, and they’d kick the gas out of a 20 year old all day long. However, in a contest of explosive energy, the older guy hasn’t got a chance.

Testosterone has a lot to do with it, especially in men. The anabolic hormone: it brings with it power, performance, strength, agility, speed, muscle recovery and growth, sex drive, focus, cognitive function, regulated blood pressure, balanced blood sugar and something intangible that only guys will understand.

It makes us men.

Testosterone Supplements

Zinc Testosterone SupplementI don’t think for a minute that supplements can replace a healthy diet and good exercise plan. They’re not really meant to either, that’s why they’re called supplements, but that doesn’t stop some people spending more time and money on them than they do on nutrition and training.

When a product comes along that can slot into place with your diet and active life, and it cuts the mustard – by all means, don’t shy away from it because it will help, despite what anyone says.

Here’s where Prime Male slots in for me.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male T BoosterI don’t consider myself to be past my prime. You will not be getting my age out of me, but let’s just say I’m not 25 anymore. Do I feel different than I did five, ten years ago? Yes. Different.

Worse in some respects, better in others. Like I said earlier, endurance gets better as you get older, and that is the case for me, but I miss some of the youthful surge.

Prime Male has some excellent ingredients in it, and doing the job I do, I understand a good formula when I see one. There are so many products available that can’t match the inclusion rates in a capsule of this stuff.

What’s So Special About Prime Male?

doc femaleDosage, inclusion rates, ingredient selection and synergy – these are the only factors that matter where supplements are concerned. There’s also the matter of cost, but I prefer to keep that separate until the end as it’s completely irrelevant in the context of a product’s efficacy.

If I said that the highest-priced testosterone booster on the market was also one of the weakest blends of ingredients I have come across, would you believe me? Probably, right? The supplement industry can be an unscrupulous one at the best of times, but we can’t tar everything with the same brush.

I won’t name that particular supplement for obvious reasons, but it’s out there trust me.

Prime Male, on the other hand, has about 4 times the weight of active ingredients than its counterpart. It contains a dozen proven ingredients – physical performance and libido enhancers, every one of them.

Prime Male Ingredients:

Ingredient Inclusion Weight
D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) 1600mg
Nettle Root Extract 160mg
Mucuna Pruriens 300mg
Korean Red Ginseng 120mg
Magnesium 100mg
Luteolin 60mg
Zinc 30mg
Boron 5mg
Bioperine 10mg
Vitamin B6 7.5mg
Vitamin D3 5000 IU
Vitamin K2 45mcg

At the risk of repeating myself, these ingredients are all at proven inclusion rates. And, I’d almost be happy with the formula even if it didn’t have the D-AA because it would still be stronger than a boat load of the competition.

But, it does have the D-AA in it…and at a whopping dose. It is the proverbial icing on the cake for me, and it serves to make it the supplement that it really is: a premium grade testosterone booster.

Who Should Use Prime Male?

Prime Male and IKO Body MusclesThe company is promoting this to people 30 and over, and on the basis that this is when your average testosterone levels start to decline.

Personally, I don’t think falling T levels should be the only reason you might consider this supplement.

It’s full of quality ingredients that can only have a positive effect on countless facets of life, whether it’s athletic, sexual, mental or emotional performance.

I can’t think of the last supplement I would uninhibitedly recommend to every man I know. I have no issue doing that with this.

Purchasing and Delivery

Prime Male is an online only purchase process, which is fine. If the high street stores ever got hold of it, the prices would sky rocket. As it is, you can get 4 bottles (i.e. 4 months) of it for $207 (£132) which is actually the price of 3 individual bottles.

Also, with that ‘4 for the price of 3’ deal, you will get it shipped for free, no matter where you live in the world.

Otherwise, you can buy individual bottles but you may not get a great deal on shipping.

Final Word on Prime Male

Man On Computer with WifeA good recipe and a strong price point, this is a quality product and a step in a direction that many supplement manufacturers could learn from.

There are so many proprietary blends these days it makes it difficult to fully appreciate what is in some products, let alone how effective they will be.

Prime Male takes the concern away and lays it all out bare for the customer.

Follow the link below to visit the product page if you are interested in becoming a Prime Male.

Click here to go straight to the product page


Prime Male – New Testosterone Booster Sets The Bar — 2 Comments

  1. Prime Male was the third of its kind that I have tried. It is far more worthwhile than the big brand stuff, in my opinion. The free worldwide shipping is outstanding. I live in Australia in Mt. Isa for work and 4 bottles arrived for no shipping cost!!

    • Hi Malcolm, that’s good news. The shipping is a great bonus as well, especially when you live all the way out there. Come back to us again at some point and let us know how you’re getting on with it. Cheers.

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