Phentermine Pills – Is There Something Similar Available?

PhenPhentermine has engraved itself into the annals of medical history as one of the most successful anti-obesity drugs ever. As appetite suppressants go, there are few powerful enough to match the effects that ‘Phen’ can exert on the user.

In most countries, it is a prescription-only medication. In order to get a prescription from a doctor, you would need to be in clear morbid danger as a result of your obesity. This is because Phentermine does not come without its negative side effects as well as the clear positive. Therefore, if a doctor does not determine that the potential for any side effects is outweighed by the current risk to your health, you are unlikely to get any.

Given that Phen is now decades old (in fact, almost 60 years old now since its invention) and it can cause some unpleasant effects, there must be alternative products which are both available for general purchase and safe to use in the long term, not to mention more modern in terms of its recipe and with a wider range of fat reducing properties.

Luckily, the supplement industry is beginning to crank out some decent products that rival Phentermine. Before we get into those, we’ll take a closer look at Phen itself.

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Phenyl-tertiary-butylamine and Weight Loss

PhenQBoth men and women have been prescribed Phenyl-tertiary-butylamine since the early 70s after it was approved for use by agencies such as the FDA in the US. Known more commonly as Phentermine, or just ‘phen’ its principal mechanism of action once ingested is to reduce hunger levels for the user.

Phen suppresses appetite by acting on the brain’s neurons in a similar way to its parent compound, amphetamines. Drastic as that sounds to anybody familiar with the term ‘amphetamine’ it simply stimulates the release of norepinephrine (noradrenaline) into synapses.

A less relevant secondary interaction results in the release of dopamine and serotonin into the synapses. The resulting effect lowers the user’s appetite for food.

Outside the brain, phen releases norepinephrine and epinephrine (noradrenaline and adrenaline) which both force fat to break down within its cells to be burned as energy.

It is its chemical similarity to amphetamine that earns Phen a place under the watchful eye of various controlled substances acts, and prevents its distribution without prescription. It is, however, not classified as highly as amphetamine itself, which is illegal regardless of who sells or uses it.

The Need For Phentermine Alternatives

Doc scientistRegardless of its controlled status as a drug, there are many people who still (want to) use Phen in order to lose some weight. If not necessarily morbidly obese they want the fastest possible route to the physique they want. And why not?

There are problems with this route though, not the least of which is the potential for legal problems. The main issue is safety.

Normal side effects notwithstanding, there are risks to sourcing ‘underground’ forms of Phentermine, or even packages that appear to be legitimate. It is never certain whether the drug is indeed authentic and hence whether it is harmful in some way.

This predicament coupled with the fact that Phen is an overly outdated drug and only really has one fat reducing property – appetite suppression – has encouraged supplement companies to look for alternative options.

Alternative Phentermine Products

Given that the supplement industry is fairly loosely governed, whereas the pharmaceutical drug industry is tightly controlled, there is a wide spectrum of products on the market with respect to quality. The best ones appear to come from companies who approach the product development stage with a pharmaceutical-quality mindset, while retaining the design freedom that the supplement business affords.

Phentermine took over a decade to reach the prescription pads of doctors following its initial conception. A supplement can be on the shelves in mere months by comparison. This means the supplement market as a whole is more fluid, and therefore has to remain on the cutting edge of research and development.

As a result, the product you can buy is likely to have the latest ingredients in the formula. Some of them are even as powerful as their synthetic drug counterparts.

The Top Alternative to Phentermine

PhenQ bottleWe have tested a lot of supplements in our time. Most are mediocre or worse, and we’ll report that to you where we can.

Oddly, most of them seem to come from the larger supplement companies; the ones with the shiny bottles on the shelves of supplement stores.

That’s because somewhere along the line, these manufacturers have traded quality for profit margins. The packaging they use can’t out shine poor quality results though, and that’s generally what we get.

The best products are less likely to be in stores and are almost always sold online so that they are internationally available and can be purchased at special-offer pricing in order to compete with the giant companies.

The best product we have found to date is the PhenQ. There’s a whole review about it if you want to read it – the link is below.

PhenQ has a blend of powerful, effective ingredients, all included for their ability to burn fat, reduce appetite, block carb absorption and even prevent fat cells from forming.

It contains the next-generation compound known as a-LACYS RESET, helps retain and even build muscle tissue, and comes with a huge money-back guarantee that safeguards any purchase.

Available to be shipped almost anywhere in the world, it can be delivered for free, and gets to work as soon as you start taking it.

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