PhenQ – The Top Phentermine Alternative?

PhenQ BottlePhenQ is a complete weight loss supplement for both men and women.

It contains the current most cutting-edge patented formula in a-LACYS RESET, and has been developed to not only reduce the user’s fat storage but also increase muscle definition.

It’s a hell of a task to shed fat and build muscle at the same time, so if a supplement can really help you manage to succeed then its worth serious consideration.

Most Phentermine alternatives focus entirely on appetite suppression because that is what the original drug is famous for. The manufacturers of PhenQ, however, are aiming for something of a complete product.

Benefits of PhenQ

The formula contains ingredients, which together should have the following effects:

  • Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Carbohydrate Blocking
  • Prevention of Fat Cell Formation
  • Energizing both Physically and Mentally
  • Increased Protein Synthesis

That’s a lot of work from one supplement but in our experience it’s all about ingredient choice. If you have a blend of ingredients that individually do more than one thing each then the formula as a whole will be quite multi-tasking.

Some Numbers

How would you like to see these kind of results from your weight loss product?:

  • 7.24% Body Fat Loss
  • 3.44% Total Body Weight Reduction
  • 3.80% Muscle Mass Increase

Well, those are the figures that came out of a study using a-LACYS RESET, which is but one of the inclusions in PhenQ

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Ingredients of PhenQ

The first ingredient we’ll talk about isn’t really a singular ingredient at all:


Kettle bellThis is a patented compound including Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine (ALA + CYS), and since its very recent intro to the supplement world, it has been very successful. This is definitely fulfilling the ‘cutting-edge’ quota in PhenQ.

a-LACYS RESET can assist you with both fat reduction and increased protein synthesis. These are very complementary mechanisms as the addition of muscle density or improved definition further assists the fat burning process.

This is a quality and effective inclusion in PhenQ, and the ingredients don’t stop there.


This is a proven fat burner, and another patented giant of the weight loss supplement industry. Capsimax is the most refined extract of the capsaicin (or capsicum) hot pepper.

Recent scientific research has shown it is a powerful thermogenic fat burner, yes, but also that it may activate Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) to a degree that other ingredients cannot.

Otherwise known as brown fat, BAT is the special ‘fat’ that we have very small amounts of since it doesn’t really grow from when we are babies. It creates heat in your body by burning the white fat you don’t want!

L-Carnitine Furmarate

PhenQYet another multi-tasking agent in the PhenQ line-up. L-Carnitine Fumarate sends fat to our cellular furnaces, known as mitochondria, where it is burned to proved energy.

One of the products of this is increased aerobic output, giving you the kind of long term energy that will get you through your next 10km run, or the next 4 hours of overtime.

Together with the short-term energy providers in the formula, PhenQ’s formula provides a really long energy boost.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium isn’t just for healthy bones. It’s actually a major cell signaller throughout the body. Within the context of fat reduction, it signals cells to burn the fat they are storing, and even tells them not to store more!

Chromium Picolinate

This one is starting to appear in a few quality weight management supplements. It’s more subtle because it regulates blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar spikes it can be converted and stored in fat cells because the insulin which shuttles it around has become desensitized. By helping to smooth out the spikes, Chromium Picolinate is reducing this fat storage option.


caffeineThis fat burner, energizer and cognitive enhancer is still one of the most reliable ingredients. The way to get the best out of caffeine is to stay away from it in other forms such as coffee, tea and energy drinks.

The idea is not to become too tolerant of it by reducing your intake to the amount within the PhenQ dosage and limiting everything else. This way, caffeine can have an effective cycle of 12 to 16 weeks, after which its a good idea to reset tolerance by taking a couple of weeks off.


A fibrous substance sourced from a cactus, Nopal contains amino acids which help reduce fat and increase energy levels. The real power is in its appetite suppressing properties

How To Take PhenQ: The label has the following directions: one pill with breakfast and one with lunch. Follow the directions on your bottle and if you take a late lunch (past 3pm) for any reason, then it might disturb your sleep.

Side Effects

People sensitive to caffeine, or that have been caffeine-free for a while may experience the bit more of the associated ‘buzz’ than usual. To mitigate any mild side effects of caffeine, just ease into the dose. Take only one pill for the first day or two until you adjust.

Other than that, we didn’t experience any negative effects from PhenQ and we doubt the average user will. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid it along with any other supplement (except for their pre-natal approved supplements), as should those on medication, or with a medical condition. Check with your doctor if you need to.

Customer Comments

“I find the majority of weight loss supplements for men to be high-stimulant rubbish, but PhenQ gives me real results. Together with training, I’ve dropped a lot of weight and my muscles are really showing through.” – Karl, Ireland

“Dieting while using weight loss products always make me feel weak and washed out. Using PhenQ meant I could still build muscle and eat enough to give me a nice physique rather than the bag of bones look.” – Janet, UK

“PhenQ seems to be all the different supplements in one. Why bother getting a bunch of expensive individuals when you can just get one!?” – Jamie, Australia

Is PhenQ Recommended?

We have to agree with the other customer comments we found. PhenQ is a real all-rounder and we got on with it very well. It’s perfect for a full 3 to 4 month cycle judging by our sample of 8 weeks.

The clear outstanding benefit is the addition of a-LACYS RESET which most diet supplements won’t have yet for a while. It’s perfect for Men and Women.

The package prices are very competitive and there are free shipping options on some of them. Delivery was quick and we had a product in our hands within days of making our order.

PhenQ is Highly Recommended

Purchasing, Shipping and Guarantee

PhenQ BottlesPhenQ has a 60 day money back guarantee so you can purchase risk free. Shipping is available worldwide, to destinations including the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The best package for your money is clearly the 5 for the price of 3 which also comes with Cleanse Tea, a complete additional product.

Of course, not everyone will go for that deal but if you are committed to long term weight loss then the option is there for you to save some money.

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