Performix Super T Review

Performix Super T

Performix super t capsPerformix products look amazing.

Extra swanky packaging and pills that look like they’re from the future, with little coloured balls swishing around in clear fluid.

Super T is their testosterone booster.

Does it work as well as you want it to, for the hefty price tag?

We’re going to take a closer look and see (continue reading after the Editor’s overview for the full review).

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Editor’s Overview

performix testosterone boosterPerformix Super T goes for about $110 to $150 per bottle. That’s around £69 to £94 if your language is pound sterling. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a month use from the bottle.

For that much swag, I’d hope to have the testosterone levels of a champion race horse thumping through my blood stream.

This formulation might pep up your natural testosterone levels a bit, and even give you a lift in the sack – so to speak.

However, to say it can help you build lean muscle and strength – even as part of a regular exercise program – is a bit of a stretch. So too can water and air, but no-one’s charging you a hundred and fifty bills for those two commodities.

Any supplement can profess that it gives you something extra, provided you are doing the donkey work. It’s a question of how much extra it gives you, and whether it’s worth the money they want you to part with to get it.

For me, a bottle of pills this pricey should do something exceptional, and I don’t think it does. We recommend a few testosterone boosters we have looked into. You can follow the link below to read about them.

The Top Testosterone Boosters

Prime Male T BoosterWe don’t get drawn in by fancy packaging and convoluted pseudo-science. Instead, we rely on products which work…

…Products which make our testosterone levels soar and make us feel like the thoroughbreds we really are.

In our list of the Top Testosterone boosters, you will find the best products available to help you boost your Testosterone levels to their maximum capacity.

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What is Performix Super T?

nitric oxide boostTestosterone is our natural and primary anabolic hormone.

In the context of performance, not only does it provide us with an internal environment conducive to muscle growth and bone strengthening but it gives us our libido.

And for guys, it is the essence of being a man.

There’s only a few roads to go down if we want to elevate our levels of testosterone.

One road is actually a slippery slope and involves synthetic anabolic steroids, which we neither advise nor will we discuss for this review.

Doctors can prescribe something of similar strength to the illegal black market stuff but you would need to present a real clinical need for it, and unfortunately wanting to get ripped in the gym doesn’t qualify.

The next option is pro-hormones which are now also classed as controlled substances for the most part, and anyway require a serious amount of attention in the form of post-cycle therapy to make sure you don’t sprout man-boobs and your testes don’t shrink.

Also, if you reckon Performix Super T is expensive, good luck with pro-hormones!

The last option – the safe and legal option – is to take a natural testosterone booster. These contain ingredients, mostly of the herbal variety, that are supposed to elevate your own T levels. Good in theory, often botched in execution.

Performix Super T is marketed as a testosterone booster.

How Does it Work?

Performix Testosterone boosterIf you spend much time on the Performix website, you’ll come to infer that Super T is unparalleled in its technological level of ingredient delivery and that their patented super-powered ingredients are going to blow your testosterone levels through the proverbial roof.

The truth is, the recipe contains a lot of the naturally sourced ingredients that are kicking around the supplement industry today.


  • Vitamin D-3
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Zinc
  • Fenugreek
  • Tribulus Alatus
  • Maca
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack)
  • Diindolymethane
  • Bioperine


bicepsNow, most of these ingredients have been found to elevate testosterone, or at least support healthy levels of it in some manner, except BioPerine which is included to increase the bioavailability and absorption of the other ingredients.

There’s an important thing to note about these ingredients and that is that there is no recommended dosage for them reported by the FDA or any other such drug administration agency.

This is a bit of a slam-dunk for the supplement industry because it gives them free license to throw ingredients in to their blends at whatever inclusion rates they see fit; the bottom line profit margin being a large influence in the decision, needless to say.

The point we’re making is simple, one T booster might have 2750mg in a 4 pill daily dose of very similar ingredients to this one, and another – like Performix Super T – has a little over 750mg in a 3 pill daily dose.

Dosage is key, never mind the whizz-bang little coloured ping-pong ball delivery method. While there aren’t official recommended dosages, a little research uncovers that studies have linked certain doses with success, and they are higher than the inclusions here.

Side Effects and Health Considerations

There are no issues with this formula in terms of side effects. As with any supplement, we’d advise people with a medical condition and pregnant or nursing mothers (though we suspect they won’t be interested anyway) to check with their Doctor before taking it.

Is It Recommended?

Performix Super T really does look swish, and to be completely fair, if you are experiencing low natural testosterone levels and you have wads of cash, then give it a crack. In our opinion, however, there are much better options.

We can steer you in the direction of those if you are interested.

So, What Are the Alternatives?

Prime Male T BoosterThe ingredients in Performix Super T you will find in many of the T boosters we recommend, but the inclusion rates will be much higher.

Take a look at our page of the best and go from there; you can read the individual reviews of each or go straight to the product pages.

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