Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-Workout Customer Comments and Feedback

Optimum Nutrition Platinum PrePlatinum Pre-Workout is part of a range of product produced in the USA by Optimum Nutrition. The company was founded in 1986 and has acquired a good reputation for being  a leading supplier of health and fitness supplements.

The Platinum Pre-Workout blend is designed to provide users with the extra energy and focus required to train more intensely and see their workout sessions out till the end.Variety of suppliers.

Summary A supplement to be taken prior to working out

Key Positives: Said to boost recovery and improve muscle growth

Key Negatives: Expensive, not suitable to all users

Usage Instructions

One (8g) scoop should be mixed with 6 to 10 oz. of cold water and consumed prior to a workout. After tolerance is assessed a second scoop is permissible, but two doses should never be exceeded in a day and the supplement should not be taken within four hours of bedtime.

Key Ingredients

2 scoops provide:

  • Micronized Citrulline & Pepform Citrulline Peptides (4g) : Included to improve peptide delivery and aid nitrogen oxide synthesis to ensure the muscles receive nutrients as fast as possible.
  • Carnosyn Beta-Alanine (3.2g): Ensures efficient carnosine production to help eliminate acidic byproducts and support longer, harder training. Studies show Carnosyn has the power to increase muscle strength and power and provide the endurance necessary for grueling workouts.
  • Caffeine (400mg): Provides increased levels of focus and boosts energy to support longer, harder training sessions.
  • Capsicum Fruit Extract (250mg): Sourced from chili peppers. Capsicum is a common inclusion in bodybuilding blends and weight loss formulations. The ingredient has the power to fire up the metabolism and encourage the body to burn of excess body fat and use it for energy.
  • Phytoblend Beet Juice (500 mg):  A proprietary blend. The main ingredient is beets so the blend should encourage the production of nitric oxide to help power up energy levels and produce muscle growth.
  • DMAE (250 mg): An ingredient that has the potential to improve memory and learning capacities and provide more intense levels of focus. DMAE is also reputed to possess mood-enhancing qualities and improve muscle strength.

Possible Side Effects and Health Considerations

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-Workout is not suitable for anyone who is taking medications or people under the age of 18 or over the age of 50. Pregnant and nursing mother are also warned against using the product, as are women who are nursing ideas of becoming pregnant. The same advice is offered to anyone who is sensitive to caffeine of beta-alanine.

Customer Feedback

A few users provide one star reviews and label the product as ‘nasty’ or even ‘toxic’, but such responses are few and far between. Five star reviews are much more common.

“This thing is unbelievable; I could spend all at the Gym. 70 lbs. on bench used to be impossible for me, but now it’s real. It’s start working right away.”

“This is by far one of the best pre-workout drinks. It helps me get through my workout and all of my reps.

“I’m at the gym daily – I use this on my cardio days and I love the way it makes me feel! Does have a slight spicy after taste, but I don’t mind it at all. Definitely gets my body going and gives me that extra push.”

“The twisted apple flavoring is quite refreshing and tastes very appley. Overall I thought PRE was a pretty good pre workout. It is a simple blend of effective ingredients with good dosages, it delivers clean energy and endurance and isn’t highly stimmed and doesn’t give any “cracked out” feelings or jitters.”

Platinum Pre-Workout Pros & Cons in depth

The Pros 

  • Variety of suppliers
  • Boosts performance and recovery
  • Improves muscle growth
  • Choice of flavors
  • Choice of pack size
  • Good customer feedback
  • Maximizes workout benefits and results
The Cons 

  • Expensive product
  • Age restrictions apply
  • Not suitable for all users


Where To Buy – Pricing & Purchasing Options

Platinum Pre-Workout comes in a choice of flavors including Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, and Super Fruit. The pack size options are: 6 servings, 14 servings, and 30 servings. The product can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website and a 30 serving pack carries a price tag of $61.99. Purchases can also be made from many 3rd party online retailers, and Amazon and eBay offer further options to buy, but prices rarely vary by more than a few dollars.


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