Optimal Stack Review – Should You Try It?

Optimal stackOptimal Stack is a dietary supplement currently being sold online to residents of USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. According to the the information on the Optimal Stack website, the product will help you achieve a more muscular, ripped, defined, body and reduce body while increasing sexual libido and basically transforming you into the best physical specimen you could ever be.

That sounds amazing, and signing up seems really easy too. In fact, sign up once to receive a 10 day ‘ free trial’ supply of capsules and you are signing up for an automated billing scheme, where you will be sent a bottle and billed every month thereafter. Hold on, what’s that?

And if you don’t cancel the initial trial order within 10 days of purchase then you might get stung for $87.47 USD. If you are interested as to how easy it would be to return the product and get refunded then you need to read the Terms and Conditions section on the website – and draw your own conclusions.

Some people have reported losing $100s to this scheme.

Sound good so far?

We’d like to review Optimal Stack of course, however there doesn’t appear to be a recipe on the website or any ingredients mentioned for that matter. So you don’t know what you’re purchasing, or how much of it, until you get your bottle for $87.47 plus $4.95 for shipping. So, more than $90 for a mystery product that promises so much but shares so little on how it does that. Oh – almost forgot – and there’s shipping insurance on top of that which is billed separately according to the website.

NITROCUT – Recommended Alternative

Nitrocut review UKNitrocut is arguably the top product of this class, for muscle-building support, fat-burning and a strength boost. It has earned one of the highest re-order rates in the business and complies with best practice.

There is NO auto-billing scheme and payment can be made extra securely via paypal if you so wish. They also have fitness ebooks which they often give away with the purchase.

Nitrocut is available or as little as $35 (£23) per bottle on some of special offers and can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world, including the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and European countries. Follow the link below to read the full review.

Click for full Nitrocut review

What Is Optimal Stack?

We can only draw conclusions based on the product website, because we certainly won’t be ordering any of this stuff to try it out.

Optimal Stack is a dietary supplement manufactured in the USA. We couldn’t find a formula available to assess the ingredients, but the website claims the pills can:

  • increase muscle gains
  • increase energy
  • burn fat
  • improve sexual performance

What is Optimal Stack? – It looks like a scam to a lot of people, according to our research at least. There are dedicated forums and websites on the internet which are attempting to raise awareness of the product’s auto-billing scheme and that it appears to us that a free trial is not really a free trial at all but a way for the company to set you up on a repeat order process that you may find difficult to get away from.

Technically you are able to cancel the order within days of requesting the free trial but so many people have not been able to cancel in time from the looks of it.

What Are the Ingredients?

We could not find an ingredient label on the website, however a little digging around gets the following which the proprietary blends contains:

  • Caffeine
  • beta Alanine
  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Taurine

There’s not bad ingredients in there, but in our opinion there’s no reason you can’t get those in a supplement which costs a lot less money and doesn’t commit you to future purchases.

Customer Reviews

The only extensive customer reviews we could find are arguably not genuine. In the least, the English language the reviews are written in is so sub-par it is unlikely (in our opinion) that the person writing the review is even understanding what they are writing.

The other review-type articles we found are wholly negative and positioned on sites such as PissedConsumer.com and RipOffReport.com – and you can imagine what the nature of those statements are.

Our Thoughts

From our point of view, Optimal Stack seems too good to be true. The claims they are making about the benefits encompass nearly everything you would want out of a supplement. We feel this might be what draws people in initially – the idea of a one-pill-fits-all is appealing.

The second draw is the seemingly excellent deal of a free sample. It is only when you dive fully into the terms and conditions that you may realize this is not the deal of a century you were waiting for.

On top of this, we think that if you aren’t quick on the uptake after you have ordered your free sample, you are in for a huge surprise as the company might then extract hundreds of dollars from your bank account over time, possibly on a monthly basis. And if that doesn’t strike you as awful like it did us then try and figure out how easy it is to stop that repeat auto-billing transaction!

Our advice is: stay away from Optimal Stack.

Conclusion and Recommendations

It is this sort of practice that we think sullies the entire supplement industry. Every so often we see one of these companies explode into the fray, and pretty soon the forums and chatrooms we all respect are full of negative comments aimed not only at said company but the brush is used to tar them all.

Nitrocut websiteNot all things are created equally as we have come to acknowledge during extensive careers in and around the sport, fitness, nutrition and supplement industry as a whole. And not everything is a scam.

We recommend NITROCUT for your capsule pre-workout supplement. The ingredients are all listed and it comes a lot cheaper than Optimal Stack, AND there is no dodgy auto-billing scheme. IN FACT there’s a 60 day money back guarantee. Follow the link below to read our full Nitrocut review.

Click to read our Nitrocut review

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