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christmas new yearAs you usher in the New Year and your routine gets back to normal after the week of festivities, your thoughts might turn to the next 12 months of fitness, strength, nutrition and overall health.

Are you going to carry on as normal, doing what you’ve done for the last few years, or are you going to introduce some new things into your routine.

Neither answer is right or wrong, it just depends on you, and what is best for you, your body and your mind.

Here’s a summary of some tips and techniques you might want to consider throwing into the mix. Sometimes, a little chance can go a long way, and there is no better time of the year than New Year, to introduce some changes.

We’ll start with smoothies.


mochana smoothieIf you don’t have a blender then we advise you get down to the extended boxing days sales/January sales and get your hands on one.

The more powerful the better, naturally, but budget is obviously a factor. Vitamin and Blendtec are on the expensive end.

They will serve you better in the long run and can do ‘more’ things but a Magic Bullet at the other end of the cost scale will make some awesome smoothies too.

Why blend your food and drink it? Well, it comes down to nutrient density. Fruits, veg, seeds and nuts – they all have cells which make them up. Much of the goodness in food is locked up in those cells; the chlorophyl, for example, in greens.

When you chew and eat food, you can’t get at a lot of the nutrients inside the cells walls because they are too strong for your teeth to break. The stomach and intestine see to some of that with acids and enzymatic processes, but still you can pass a lot of the nutritional value of food down the toilet.

A blender, especially the hardcore ones, can smash those cell walls to liquid and so liberate much much more of the good stuff!!!

There are people who take this to the extreme and drink liquid meals all the time. We’re of the opinion that one or two smoothies (for different nutritional targets) is enough.

Try these two smoothies out for a start. They are called Fuel and Recover, but you can see what they do in more detail in the individual articles.

Nootropic Supplements

mind lab proWhere supplements are concerned, the first thing you think of in terms of muscle building and fat loss might not be your level of cognitive function, but it might be the key factor that you’ve been missing.

Most people would agree that their brains are the control room of the body. After all, you can’t do anything at all without the brain sending the signal to your limbs, yes, ears, nose, muscles or anything else.

However, when it comes to capsule supplements we always tend to go for the testosterone booster or the mass gaining protein and so on. That is not a bad thing either – provided the supplement is of good quality – but why not target the source of everything you do: your mind.

It’s been proven that concentration, motivation, fat loss, muscle gain, happiness, sexual function and so much more can be improved, accelerated or otherwise augmented by using specific ingredients which increase one, two or more functions of the brain.

Whether by increasing neurotransmitter activity, hastening nerve growth, stimulating neurogenesis or improving cerebral vasodilation, these nootropic compounds are some of the most useful in the supplement industry.

In fact, we’d go as far as saying they are more powerful and effective than most.

However, the real beauty of nootropic supplements is that you can feel them work. The stress reducers and mood improvers really do get to work on the first dose and make you feel their effects.

Give them a go. We’ve reviewed a couple of nootropic supplements but by far the best so far is Mind Lab Pro. Follow the link below to read the full review.

Click here to read the full review of Mind Lab Pro

Sandbag Conditioning

sandbagThe gym is and will remain the best place to build real muscle. Nothing can put on the pounds of slab like a weights rack and some determination.

Sometimes though, you just want to get outdoors, into the fresh air or perhaps be free of the weight lifting routine for a couple days of your program.

Have you tried sandbag training? It is pretty much what it sounds like, and takes hardly any preparation or expensive purchases to accomplish. No membership required either.

A sandbag comes with infinite possibilities. You can combine movements into long chains which would otherwise be impossible with a barbell or dumbbell. You can also work on very important areas of fitness that many weight lifters forego at the risk of their health: cardio-vascular and aerobic strength conditioning.

Read our longer intro to sandbag training if it takes your fancy. Hopefully in the new year we will be posting some interesting videos of training with one. It really is a versatile beast.

Click to read our Introduction to Sandbag Training

Muscletronic iGPC

The Only Pill you’ll need this year!

MuscletronicDo you look for supplements for muscle building, fat burning, cognitive function, testosterone boost and an energy kick? It can get a bit much when you are taking twenty different pills along with your protein and creatine and whatever else.

What if you could take one pill and cover all the bases?

The creators of Muscletronic iGPC think they have accomplished an all-in-one with their product. It uses a blend of ingredients which (a) work synergistically to improve the other ingredients’ effects, and (b) have multiple functions of their own.

The result is a muscle building, fat burning, nootropic with anabolic hormone boosting properties.

You can find our full review by following the below link.

Click here for the full Muscletronic review

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