MHP NO BOMBMHP NO Bomb contains some exotic looking ingredients, which have been combined to provide the user with a Nitric Oxide boost. The physiological effect of this is vasodilation – a widening of the blood vessels – which has been shown in studies to promote anaerobic and aerobic muscular performance. The effect is also known as ‘the pump’, owing to the swelling of the muscles during a nitric oxide boosted workout.

This product uses the latest clinically researched and trademarked version of arginine called Nitrosigine, which has been the subject of a recent clinical trial that yielded significant results. A blend of other patented ingredients make up the rest of the formula for NO-BOMB.

With the combination of research-backed ingredients and MHP’s usual promotion of their products, it sounds like NO-BOMB is the most impressive supplement on Earth. It’s worth having a deeper understanding of what it can do.

Nitrocut – Our Recommended Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitrocut bottleNitrocut is a product which has received much attention recently. It contains one of the most powerful ingredients for boosting nitric oxide levels – Citrulline Malate.

Even Arginine Alphaketoglutarate is in the blend alongside another 2 NO boosters, testosterone enhancers and some supporting muscle and strength builders.

The product can be delivered worldwide and is available from the Nitrocut online store at very competitive rates.This is without doubt our Nitric Oxide supplement of choice.

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What is MHP NO-BOMB and How Does it Work?

MHP is not a newbie in the industry and their line of products is eclectic to say the least. They are amongst the high-rolling crowd; the sort that can fund the clinical research and develop their own branded ingredients. NO-BOMB is a good example of one such product.

Most nitric oxide boosters use arginine or arginine derivatives to provide the vasodilation effect, and whilst NO-BOMB does that to some degree, there are a few other factors involved.

nitric oxide boostOne of latest ‘clinically proven’ branded ingredients is Nitrosigine. You will find a page devoted to this trademark in all of the muscle magazines available. There’s not much to go on from the adverts but the name and a tagline saying that it’s basically – and I’m paraphrasing here – the cat’s pyjamas.

Nitrosigine is sailing on the wind of a clinical trial carried out with human males as subjects. Although there wasn’t any resistance training as part of the study, nitric oxide levels measured in plasma were reportedly increased significantly after 14 days and plasma arginine levels increased significantly after a single dose. You can read the abstract of the study by following the link just below. In this writer’s interpretation, the results were not Earth-shattering, but solid enough to yield significance.

MHP don’t stop at Nitrogisine; they are introducing their own KNO3 Nitrate-NO technology which according to them is utilizing another – newly discovered – nitric oxide pathway which may have a more direct vasodilation effect than the arginine-NO pathway.

According to the company, the combined effects of these two technologies let you ’take your pumps and performance to a new level…’

Key Ingredients of NO-BOMB

There are three main inclusions in NO-BOMB:

  • Folate, as NitroFolate, MHP’s blend of folic acid and calcium folinate: 300 mcg
  • Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate): 1500 mg
  • KNO3 Nitrate-NO Technology and NOSA (Nitric Oxide Sustaining Agents): 136.5 mg – this is a blend of plant sourced compounds

Side Effects and Safety

The subjects of the trials seemed to tolerate the Nitrosigine well, with no reported side effects.

As always, follow the guidelines, usage directions and precautions that are outlined on the product packaging. If you are taking medication for anything else, or you suffer from a medical condition, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before you take this or any supplement.

Recommendations and Other Considerations

At $70 (£46) for a month worth (one bottle – 90 capsules) of NO-BOMB, it is not the most cost efficient nitric oxide booster available. We’ve had our eye on this market for a while and have found one of the most effective and economical muscle-building supplements that use vasodilation as the primary mechanism is NITROCUT.

Nitrocut packageNitrocut can be shipped worldwide and is currently available at special offers that seem to be unrivalled by any other quality NO booster manufacturer.

It has received much press coverage for its unique and powerful formula and it is the supplement we recommend in this category.

You can follow the link below to read our full review of NITROCUT.

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