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Max Muscle MaxxTORMax Muscle’s contribution to the growing choice of Phosphatidic acid-based supplements is MaxxTOR, developed to increase the signalling of the mTOR protein in the user. Studies suggest that this leads to an increased rate of protein synthesis, and subsequent muscle growth and strength gains.

The formula contains other components known for their interaction in the mTOR pathway, making it one of the current leading products of its type.

The mammalian target of rapamycin – mTOR – is a fundamental protein which handles many upstream pathways related to insulin, growth factors (IGF-1 and IGF-2) and amino acids and integrates them into different mechanisms; protein synthesis being the important one where muscle mass increase is concerned.

How Does MaxxTOR work?

The ingredients which make up the formula for MaxxTOR have all been included for there ability to increase the signaling of the protein mTOR, which catalyzes the formation of two distinct structures called complexes.

The mTORC1 complex is the one mainly of interest to supplement manufacturers using Phosphatidic acid because it is stimulated by the ingredient, and oxidative stress (resistance weight training) amongst other things. Leucine, which is another ingredient of MaxxTOR, is also a trigger, as are both insulin and insulin-like growth factors.

It has been demonstrated that the mechanical action of lifting weight forces the release of phosphatidic acid, which in turn acts as one of the several triggers of the mTORC1 complex, and thus muscle growth from increased protein synthesis. By supplementing additional phosphatidic acid with MaxxTOR, the idea is that the natural release will be augmented and increase the beneficial anabolic response.

Advertised Benefits of MaxxTOR

This supplement has been formulated to stimulate:

  • muscle growth
  • anti-catabolic response


The recipe includes 3 ingredients which are known to stimulate the mTOR pathway involving the #1 complex:

  • Phosphatidic acid – although included in the proprietary blend, there is the clinically tested 750mg dose of this modern ingredient. The patent-pending variant of this ingredient, which is called Mediator, is seemingly the only genuine, clinically studied
  • Leucine – probably the more road-tested ingredient, Leucine is the main one of the three branched chain amino acids. Its anti-catabolic properties are well documented, which seems to be the behaviour it promotes via the mTOR pathway
  • HMB – a metabolite (product of metabolic breakdown) of Leucine which has similar behaviours as the amino acid

Are There Any Side Effects or Negatives?

Doc scientistThe clinical trial which demonstrates the effectiveness of the main ingredient is still fresh. There is yet to be some research done into the advantages and disadvantages of stimulating the mTOR pathway in general. Some evidence suggests that the inhibition of mTOR may actually increase life expectancy and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

It is not the objective of this article to assess the full scope of the cellular activity related to mTOR signaling, and the supplemental stimulation thereof. If a potential consumer is unsure about any supplement, they should consult a medical professional. The same advice goes for people currently using medication, suffering from a medical condition, pregnant or nursing/breastfeeding.

Availability and Price

Max Muscle’s website advertises MaxxTOR for $79.99 for 21 days worth of pills, which makes it about the same price as one of its leading competitors, Phospha Build [link]. However, with Phospha Build you will get 30 days usage.


From the current selection of products similar to MaxxTOR it looks to be one of the strongest available. Certainly the addition of Leucine and its metabolite HMB makes it as much an mTOR stimulator as possible with the volume of space available inside capsules.

If you are definitely going to choose a supplement of this type, the companies that make it recommend you do not settle for anything but the patent-pending Mediator variant of phosphatidic acid. There are other types, the validity of which could in theory be questioned, but in time, the quality supplements in this class will shine.

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