Ironman Simulation Days and Cottage Country Rides

Simulation Days

When it comes to long distance triathlons like Ironman 140.6 or 70.3, it’s not enough just to keep training for the individual segments, or indeed two or three in the same day. Sooner or later, a simulation day is necessary to test your body’s abilities, reaction and recovery. More importantly, for me anyway, is the test of my mental focus and willpower to go the distance.

A simulation day, is a practice Ironman. In no uncertain terms, training for half or full distance Ironman races is arduous on the best days and agony on the worst. To do the distance alone on a training day with no support and just your own mind for company is one of the toughest tasks you can undertake. They say the race is tough – for me, simulation days are the toughest.

Not only that, but it’s difficult to do without having a whole day free and a lot of recovery time afterwards. I do a simulation day over a month before the race, just so that I’ve got it down in my head that I can go the distance and that there’s nothing I need to deal with on an urgent basis.

You can’t plan for everything – after all, I’ve had to bow out of a race recently due to back injury – but you can minimize the potential for surprises on event day.

Cottage Country Rides

Ironman trainingI get most of my rides done in an around Montreal, but occasionally, it does me good to get out of the same routine cycle routes I take and throw my body a curve ball and my eyes some new scenery.

That and, hills…lots of hills.


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