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Instant Knockout Fat BurnerInstant Knockout is a competition-level cutting supplement developed with and for boxers and Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

This product helps them get down to fighting weight in time for the big day when they have to step up on the scales.

An ounce above their category weight, and these fighters would not be allowed to compete. However, if they start their cutting cycle too early (to make sure they pass the weigh-in) then they can lose valuable muscle mass they need for the fight.

This means they need to leave the fat-burning as late as they can, and it also means they need a powerful line of supplements to help them get it done in time.

Instant Knockout promises to be one of those supplements. Continue reading for our full review.

The Short Version

Instant Knockout Professional FighersInstant Knockout is our Editor’s Pick fat-burner/cutting supplement. The recipe is very well balanced and the ingredients complement each other at real dosages.

This product is in a different class to many over-hyped diet pills, and this is one that both men and women can use without fear of side-effects.

Special Offers run on multiple purchase transactions and the cost plummets when you buy 3 bottles at once. Plus, you will get a free bottle and a t-shirt. Each bottle of pills will last you a month, so you’re getting your one’s worth.

They deliver worldwide (including the UK, US, Europe, Australia) and send it from the US or UK for more efficient shipping depending on were you live.

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Instant Knockout Full Review

Instant Knockout PillsIt’s a difficult prospect – losing weight while retaining or even building muscle mass. Nevertheless, it’s a goal that a lot of people strive for. Training, adequate recovery and a healthy diet are all essentials if you want to be in the best shape you can.

Even the pros look to supplements like this one for help when it comes to the toughest part of their schedule: the cutting cycle.

Cutting tends to be a toughest phase because not everything is in positive flux. During bulking or building cycles, you tend to get away with doing more of everything:- more weights, more calories, more rest…but you can take it easy on the cardio. Sounds good for those who enjoy all those aspects.

When you want to burn the fat or get cut, the equation becomes a little trickier. Now it’s time to cut more calories, change your workouts, include much more cardio and generally push the envelope. So that’s where Instant Knockout comes in.

What It Does

IKO Body MusclesUsing a blend of ingredients in each capsule, Instant Knockout is designed to help you:

  • Burn Fat – through increase in metabolism, thermogenesis and anti-oxidant behaviour
  • Boost Energy – through utilizing more fat for fuel, quality stimulants and improving blood sugar balances
  • Reduce Appetite – via a special inclusion which helps you feel comfortably full and able to reject the junk snacking

Instant Knockout aims to achieve all this using a carefully selected recipe of natural ingredients, all of which are included to compliment one another’s positive actions.


There are 3 core ingredients, around which the recipe for Instant Knockout has been based. Those core ingredients are:

  1. Green Tea Extract (500mg) – This powerful ingredient works on several fronts. It raises your metabolic rate whereby you use more fat for fuel to burn even more fat. It fuels a process called thermogenesis where your core temperature is raised so that your system cools it down, burning fat in the process. GTE also boosts your endurance, allowing you to workout for longer..and guess what – burn more fat.
  2. Cayenne Powder (100mg) – The heat from cayenne increases your core temperature and boosts thermogenesis, heightening the effect the GTE is already exerting. It also kicks your metabolism up a notch.
  3. Glucomannan (1800mg) – Extracted from the root of the Konjac plant, this soluble fibre is a very stable appetite suppressant. It absorbs liquid and swells to form a gel which simply makes you crave less snack foods in between your regular meals.

Instant knockout ingredients

There are several more ingredients in Instant Knockout which we will cover briefly:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg): an effective stimulant at a healthy dose. Increases the effects of the core ingredients and provides you with a sustainable boost of energy.
  • Vitamin B6 (5mg): Used in so many processes in the body, it’s inclusion here is primarily for blood glucose management, food craving suppression and stimulation of thyroid gland. All adding up to further weight loss.
  • Vitamin B12 (10mcg): Helps break down the macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs), build and repair muscle fibre and again stimulate thyroid function.
  • Zinc (10mg): Helps you process macronutrients to be used as fuel for working out
  • GTF Chromium (100mcg): assists weight loss and muscle growth and helps regulate blood glucose
  • Black Pepper Extract (10mg): makes other ingredients more bio-available and therefore increases the effects of all the other ingredients in Instant Knockout
  • Green Coffee Extract (100mg): un-roasted raw coffee beans have high levels of Chlorogenic acid which slows the rate at which you absorb fat from food and it lowers levels of glucose in the liver.

How Do I Reap the Best Benefits?

There’s no two way about this; you have to work out and eat well. With a regular exercise program and quality diet, Instant Knockout’s positives will be the icing on the cake. The extra fat you burn will carve your physique around your muscle tone.

It’s called a professional grade supplement for a reason.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Nothing to worry about. Some people have a couple of days of feeling the ingredients working but this is safe. The recipe is 100% natural and there are no concerns from us…and we are using the product!

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should just ask their Doctor prior to using Instant Knockout, as should people with a pre-existing medical condition.

Is Instant Knockout recommended?

You’ve probably already noticed this product is our Editor’s Pick. We are a completely independent company and there is no incentive for us to recommend this product over any of the others in our reviews.

We use the products we recommend and we are very pleased with the results we are seeing from Instant Knockout.

Where To Purchase This Product

Instant Knockout FighterFollow the link provided below to go to the product site. That’s the only place to get the special offers that run on the multiple purchases. Specifically check out the the ‘Buy 3 and get 1 FREE (plus a T-Shirt) offer.’ When you work out the price per month, it’s very economical.

Shipping is worldwide and includes destinations such as the UK, US, Europe and Australia.

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