Increasing your Human Growth Hormone

thermogenic bodybuilderHuman Growth Hormone (HGH, or just GH) is manufactured by your body, more specifically in the pituitary gland in the brain. This is known as endogenous HGH. However, since the ‘50s, people have been using it to enhance performance, or try to reduce the speed at which their body and mind ages.

Back then they were using the growth hormone from dead bodies (yup!), but methods of synthesis have since become much better (and less disgusting) so that it is a relatively common thing to use amongst athletes and those cheating time.

The hormone does a lot for you, more than just the growth side of things that the name suggests. While growth of muscle and bone tissue is impossible without growth hormone, increased, or optimal, levels can provide the following benefits:

  • Increased Muscle and Bone Growth (as mentioned)
  • Improved Fat Mass Reduction
  • Faster Recovery from Injury and Exercise
  • Improved Mood and Emotional Health
  • Healthier Skin, Nails and Hair
  • Vital Organ Maintenance

From that list you can see it does you well to have optimal levels of HGH. The only problem is that after most peoples’ growth spurt in their teen years, by their mid-twenties there is a really big plummet in the amount produced.

The body is done with growing at that point, but it is advantageous to maintain decent levels of the hormone to reap the benefits listed above. So, what to do?

HGH Injections – Is It Worth It?

HGH injectionSafety-wise, they are improving as time goes by. The most common risks are that your blood sugar might unbalance and you may get some water retention as a result of hormone balances getting all out of whack.

The expense is more likely to put you off, and most doctors won’t give the necessary prescription anyway unless you have a need for it, i.e. unusually low HGH levels.

It’s also banned by sporting authorities, so if you are looking to get ahead in your chose athletic field then know that your career might hinge on being discovered. Scientists have recently found a test which outlines whether synthetic HGH has been used, rather than confusing it with your endogenous supply.

Besides, there’s definitely less drastic and less expensive things you can do before resorting to the doctor’s chair. That said, if you think you might have a an overly dwindling supply based on your inability to grow muscle, constant tiredness etc. then ask your doc for a GH test at least. Of course, it could be any number of things that make you feel like that but it’s worth starting the conversation.

Exercise, Sleep and Nutrition

Kettle bellThe first thing to get in order is your lifestyle.

Resistance Training, aka weight training, has been proven to stimulate the release of growth hormone. Additional cardio-vascular training will reduce fat mass, which can compound the benefit further, as fat has been associated with faster than average decline rates of HGH levels.

Deep sleep causes a spike in GH levels. Remember when your Granny told you you’d grown taller overnight? She wasn’t far wrong. Getting your 8 hours is important if you want to start feeling young again, and growing muscle like a champ.

Diet and Nutrition is always there in the background. Healthy balance is the message here, and it’s been shown that a clean diet with a macro ratio of about 35:35:30 (Protein:Carbs:Fats) will keep your hormone levels ticking. Healthy fats, remember, because they help maintain you anabolic hormone release – not just HGH either, but Testosterone as well.

HGH Supplements

GH Advanced +Scientific research is always spitting out new data pertaining to increasing this or that hormone. Just when we thought Glutamine has relatively little use, they bring it back with Arginine in the right combination and it spikes HGH by several hundred per cent.

Some of the supplement manufacturers are in lala-land creating God knows what in their labs, but at the same time some of them are right on the money. Provided the balance of ingredients are good then they will help you boost your own endogenous supply of human growth hormone.

We particularly like GH Advanced Plus because they use all the top ingredients and even give you a separate pill for night time to take advantage of that huge deep sleep boost of HGH.

Stress and Overtraining

Stagnation tirednessThe final word on human growth hormone is just advice: relax. Sure, there’s some things in life that stress you out, and they might even be serious enough to merit it. Not everything needs to be a concern though; try to manage the difference between what matters and what really doesn’t.

Stress is counter productive to nearly any system in your body designed to improve your physical or mental composition.

As goes the saying; don’t sweat the small stuff.

The same goes for people who workout too much. They think that if they push themselves more and more, their anabolic hormone levels will rise as a result. Wrong.

The body needs time to grow and recover, otherwise you will shock it and make your situation worse.

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