EPIQ Phosphatidic Acid Review

EPIQ PAEpiq Results Phosphatidic acid supplement is very similar to the Fuel One product, Phospha Build [phospha build link]. The two companies appear to parallel each other in many aspects of their marketing and product design strategies.

Epiq Results looks like a GNC franchisee and if Fuel One is as well then that would explain the link. They don’t consider one another competitors according to their tables on the product pages, so they certainly aren’t looking to harm the other’s sales.

They are also both using the new clinically trialled trademarked Mediator version of phosphatidic acid. This is currently one of the hottest ingredients in training supplements, or at least, that’s what the companies that use it say.

Supplements that contain this ingredient are being developed in order to trigger the mTOR pathway, to further increase protein synthesis rates following resistance weight training.

Signalling the mTOR Protein

mTOR muscle exPhosphatidic acid is a primary signalling agent in the mTOR pathway, or mammalian target of rapamycin pathway. The protein, mTOR, which is coded by the gene bearing the same name, is actually one of the most fundamental in the human body.

There is a lot more to the science of the mTOR protein, but phosphatidic acid has quite a specific job related to resistance weight training and the muscle growth it stimulates. When a muscle is put under load from the weight it lifts, pushes or pulls, it releases phosphatidic acid. That then stimulates the mTOR protein to signal the muscle-building protein synthesis.

As this happens naturally anyway, further supplementation should amplify the effect, right? Well, if you trust clinical trials implicitly, then yes. According to the University of Tampa study on the Mediator form of phosphatidic acid, the 750mg dose in the supplements that contain it will give you extra lean muscle and strength. Not only that but you’ll shred some fat as well. [Source]

D-Bol-GH: Growth Activator

HGH legal DianobolWant to take a look at the mTOR activating supplement we have been using for a few cycles now. This one has a really interesting recipe and we have tested it for several of our biggest bulking phases.

Follow the link below for the complete review.

Click here to read our review of D-Bol-GH

What Are The Benefits of using Epiq Phosphatidic Acid?

According to the most recent study involving trained men, the change in body composition versus the placebo group was 5.3 lbs of lean muscle compared to half of that if no supplementation is taken at all. Now, no-one should be without a more comprehensive pre-workout drink, or a intra-workout drink, or indeed a post-workout protein and carbs mix. So, of course the test group were going to experience more gains than the placebo group.

Nonetheless, the change was significant enough, and the following benefits can be expected:

  • Increased lean muscle mass growth
  • Improved strength
  • Reduced body fat

Phosphatidic acid (Mediator) is not the only ingredient of Epiq’s supplement. The following is the full recipe:


The proprietary blend is a total of 1535mg consisting of:

  • Mediator Phosphatidic acid: the central ingredient; the studies are backing up its ability to increase the mTOR pathway signalling associated with muscle protein synthesis
  • Astragalus root: Chinese medicinal herb used to boost immunity, kidney function and reduce nasal congestion
  • Longjack root extract: aka Eurycoma Longifolia, Tongkat ali; it’s a testosterone and libido booster
  • Reishi mushroom mycelia: another Chinese tradtional remedy. Has potential immunity boosting and anti-cancer properties. May improve sleep and decrease chronic fatigue
  • Self-heal herb extract: aka Prunella Vulgaris, this is an edible herb that promotes immunity strength in many bodily systems

The explanation for all the immunity boosting ingredients possibly includes the fact that accelerating protein synthesis and cell growth in general via the mTOR pathway will result in increased oxidative stress. This means, amongst other things, that free radical activity will rise. This is the unfortunate truth for anyone who exercises. Immunity strengtheners and a healthy nutrition, vitamin and mineral intake will counter this to a degree. Epiq appear to be adding their own interpretation of a first line defence inside the supplement.

Safety and Side Effects

Subjects in the clinical trial tolerated Phosphatidic Acid well enough, but follow the same advice as ever: if you are taking medication, suffering from a medical condition, pregnant, breastfeeding, or otherwise unsure whether you should be taking a sports supplement such as this one (or any other) please consult your doctor before proceeding.

As always, follow the directions on the packaging and any precautions the manufacturer prints on the label or packaging.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Whether the Mediator trademarked soy-derived phosphatidic acid is trully different (and better) than any other type that will come to market is a difficult question to answer. While EPIQ, Fuel One and Max Nutrition (to name a few) are putting their PA products out there with Mediator and sticking somewhere around an $80 price tag on them for 20 – 30 days use, the likes of Jay Cutler Nutrition have released KING for $30. JCN are using their Activator ™ version of PA.

A lot of people will purchase based on price but some will be hooked by the marketing strategies of the Mediator affiliated companies’ they are saying it’s the only legit source of PA, and it costs a bunch to make, hence the hike in cost. If the customer is not worried about eighty bucks then perhaps it is the way to go.

As for alternative products that are available at the moment, we’ve been looking pretty extensively into the online market front for this sort of product and the range of mTOR pathway triggering products tends to be in the Leucine, HMB area at the moment.

Check out the Purity Select product DBol-GH for a good example of this

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