EPIQ – 3X Lean Muscle Review

EPIQ 3 X LeanEPIQ is the epitome of a modern-day, clean looking supplement company. It’s a bit like Fuel One in that respect – in fact it’s a LOT like Fuel One; so much so that sometimes, they even share the same marketing text, graphics and occasionally, the same products. Okay, so they change things up a bit between the different supplements themselves, and company to company, but they are still quite clearly GNC driven machines.

The 3 X Lean Muscle is an interesting product because (a) betaine is one of the main ingredients in the blend and (b) ATP – in salt form – is also one of the main ingredients in the blend.

Interesting, why? Well, we’ve been reading about these ingredients for donkey’s years, and they sort of faded from popularity in recent times what with the herbal plant based ingredient explosion. But here they are again, in a new product just waiting to be reviewed by me.

Anabolic Vasodilator – NITROCUT

Nitrocut bottleCheck out our review of the nitric oxide booster in a pill – NITROCUT. We think it’s one of the best capsule supplements you can take for furthering your muscle gains and greatly enhancing your workouts.

Our Nitrocut sample run was excellent and we can’t wait to receive the next batch of bottles. Follow the link below to read more.

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What is EPIQ 3 X Lean Muscle?

Dumbbell inclinedGood question. A blast from the past is my first reaction, but maybe I’m overdoing that. In truth, I like it when products come out with ingredients that I can pronounce, and have a slightly larger than rudimentary understanding of without having to do a bunch of research.

This product is in pill form – sorry, I mean ‘caplet’ form, excuse me – and promises a gigantic 8.8 lbs of lean muscle gain in 12 weeks along with an increase in strength of just under than 1.5 times what you are without it. There’s the usual talk of clinical trials to back it all up, which is standard practice from the larger companies these days.

You don’t need to bury yourself in science books to know that ATP – Adenosine Triphosphate – is the very fuel that stokes the cellular fires in our bodies, giving us the energy to perform actions such as shaking the father-in-law’s hand, or completing 5 sets of 8 on the bench press.

And you don’t need much ATP in a supplement, maybe about 100mg, to have the desired effect. I’ve always wondered why it isn’t in every supplement, just for the hell of it, because it wouldn’t take up much room. EPIQ use their trademarked compound called Peak ATP, which is actually a salt of Adenosine 5’-triphosphate. I’ve seen the non-Epiq ATP5 for sale on its own from anywhere between $40 to $100 for 5 grams. So, with the addition of betaine and the other ingredients, the 120 caplets could be quite pricey.

As it is, the bottle lasts a month and is sold on GNC for $60 to $70 depending on whether you are a card holding member or not.

Ingredients of EPIQ 3 X Lean Muscle

Aside from a separate 50mg dose of Vitamin C, the rest of the formula is inside a proprietary blend called the Lean Musclebuilding complex that weighs in at 1760mg. It contains:

  • Betaine anhydrous: supports aerobic and anaerobic activity; protects cells against thermal stress, dehydration and salinity (which might be the assist in an/aerobic activity); acts a lot like creatine
  • Betaine nitrate (for 175mg of nitrates): this must be what they mean by the ‘…forces extreme muscle pumps…’ so a certain amount of vasodilation should occur and performance enhancement that comes with it
  • PEAK ATP: here’s the raw ATP source. Fuel for the muscle cells. Most people supplement with grams and grams of creatine, which is converted to ATP anyway, but whatever
  • Choline bitartrate: a nootropic drug that enhances focus and memory. Helps drive and motivation in the context of exercise. It’s also good for a healthy liver
  • Spinach leaf and stem: a rich source of folic acid which goes particularly well with betaine to reduce homocysteine levels, which may protect the heart
  • Grape seed extract: great anti-oxidant that acts like green tea. Interestingly can reduce estrogenic effects and increase blood flow, which kind of slots it into muscle-building and performance enhancing categories

Side Effects and Safety

Doc scientistThere is not likely to be any negative effects or safety issues for the average person. Most of the ingredients have been tolerated at much higher doses (though I’m not suggesting you experiment) in clinical trials.

However, follow the usage directions and precautions on the product packaging to the letter. If you suffer from an existing condition, are taking any other medication, are pregnant or nursing, then please ask your doctor’s advice before taking this or any other supplement.

Interesting Side Note: ATP is sometimes administered in France as a prescription drug because it has been shown to significantly help alleviate lower back pain.


Epiq has a good look, and the might just have something with 3 X Lean Muscle. I had pretty similar results to what they are claiming the first time I started on Creatine as a daily supplement quite a few years back. And creatine, as you are probably aware does not cost what this does.

I thought about the potential of stacking the two actually but of course creatine has a saturation limit, no matter whether it gets there via creatine directly or betaine indirectly. Alas! it’s not quite as simple as throwing a bunch of supplements together and getting cumulative results.

3 X Lean Muscle is an interesting supplement, and I’m just pleased a couple of slow-burning ingredients are finally getting recognition…again.

Our Recommended Vasodilator – NITROCUT

Nitrocut bodyNITROCUT is currently one of our favourite anabolic supplements in a capsule and it’s definitely our preferred nitric oxide booster.

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There are some special offers at the moment which preclude the use of any Nitrocut coupon codes.


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