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CrazyBulk 3 for 2CrazyBulk are a company who’s name is currently on a lot of people’s lips, especially the lips of those amongst us who are in the sports nutrition and training supplement industry.

More often than not, when we see a manufacturer promising amazing results without letting us in on the ingredients of their supplement, we get a bit edgy.

These guys have taken a step further and coined their products ‘Legal Steroids’ that give the benefits of their banned cousins but without the side effects and safety issues. With CrazyBulk, we’ve experienced a bit of a double-take, because people are buying these supplements. In fact, the company was having trouble re-stocking themselves because the stuff was flying out the door so quick.

Crazybulk stackAnd the feedback so far has been outrageously positive. It seems you don’t have to write the recipe all over the bottle after all.

Maybe you have read our CrazyBulk Cutting Stack review already and you just want to get to the Bulking Stack before they sell out again. That’s OK; just follow the link below, or read on for the full Bulking Stack review.

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CRAZYBULK Stack Combos

Stacking supplements is a tried and tested way of getting the most out of compatible products that work for you toward the same general end game.

The idea is to get all the benefits of each supplement within the stack, plus the result of them amplifying each other. In this case, we are going to talk about the Bulking Stack option CrazyBulk has developed and take a look at what’s involved. Perhaps we should go over the ‘bulking’ process first.

What is ‘Bulking’?

Bulking CycleIn bodybuilding and weightlifting vernacular, there are two basic stages involved in the whole physical conditioning process.

This is especially the case for competition athletes in this discipline. The stages are Bulking and Cutting. Often they are referred to as cycles. The bulking cycle generally comes first and involves a diet plan, resistance training program and supplement schedule geared towards packing on mass.

This is actually undertaken so that same athlete can then pursue a cutting cycle, whereby the adipose (fat) tissue is worked off with high intensity exercise and the lean, defined muscular structure shows through.

That said, people who find it difficult to put mass on may just partake in regular bulking cycles (their cut cycle tends to be their own metabolism and constitution.) The bulking cycle is just that – a period where the athlete bulks up. The training supplements used are an integral part of the plan. They are even involved in dictating how long each cycle lasts.

What’s In The Bulking Stack?

Traditionally, the bulking stack would have involved a cocktail of intravenously injected anabolic steroids. Recognizing the illegality and danger of this method, CrazyBulk have selected four of their supplements (also individually available) which compliment each other in achieving the ‘Bulk’. They have names which resemble the banned versions. Let’s take a look at them.


Original Steroid: Testosterone (injected synthetic)
Primary Action: Anabolic i.e. muscle growth, increased bone density, strength improvements
Secondary Action: Stronger sex drive

Crazybulk testosteroneBodybuilders and weight lifters use Tribulus Terrestris herbal supplements to elevate their natural testosterone levels. Testosterone-MAX employs this ingredient to do exactly that for the first player in the Bulking Stack.

Actually, the cutting stack uses the same supplement because whether bulking or cutting, increased testosterone levels provide an excellent base for strength, muscle mass and training aggression.

In terms of safety, Tribulus has none of the side effects associated with using intravenous testosterone.

Dianobal (D-Bal)

Original Steroid: Methandrostenolone (traded under Dianobol or D-Bol
Primary Action: Dramatic increase in protein synthesis leading to shape increase in muscle
Secondary Action: Increases stamina, blood flow, drive and focus

CrazyBulk D-BalD-Bal is the point man of the bulking stack. it’s the mass-building, blood-pumping, oxygen-delivering mechanisms of this stack component that sets the bulking ball rolling for the weeks ahead. CrazyBulk offer a safe alternative to the most powerful but most dangerous of the anabolic steroids. It delivers:

  • a boost in strength and stamina
  • enhances Nitrogen retention – positive nitrogen balance is indicative of anabolic (muscle growth) environment
  • rapid muscle growth
  • increased flow of blood/nutrients to muscles
  • increased training focus and drive

Dianobal will NOT have negative effects on blood pressure, liver or kidneys.

Decaduro (D-KA)

Original Steroid: Nandrolone (traded under Deca-Durabolin)
Primary Action: Muscle growth
Secondary Action: Increased bone density red blood cell production

Deca alternativeD-KA is going to help provide a second level of energy during workouts and is known to be fast at enhancing strength. CrazyBulk describe it as one of the staff favourites as an individual products. Technically, it could actually be in the cutting stack as a lean muscle builder but it’s protein synthesis rate tips the balance in favour of a bulking supplement. Other benefits include:

  • Fast protein synthesis rates
  • Speeds recovery between workouts
  • Helps prevent aching joints
  • Heightens nitrogen retention
  • Arrests intra-cellular bloating

D-KA is the completely safe alternative to Nandrolone. It does not convert to oestrogen, increase cholesterol or present liver/kidney toxicity.

T-Bal 75

Original Steroid: Trenbolone
Primary Action: Mass building, bulking
Secondary Action: Fat burning

Trenbolone CrazybulkEven during bulking cycles, you need to keep the fat percentage under control. The duel action of bulking while burning fat earns T-Bal its place on the bulking roster. This natural and safe alternative to the illegal Trenbolone has many advantages:

  • Boosts free testosterone levels
  • Increases nitrogen retention leading to positive protein balance
  • Burns fat
  • Compacts muscle density
  • Strongest anabolic agent

For your information, the 75 is referring to the 75 mg of T-Bal in each dose.

Do CrazyBulk Products Cause Side Effects?

All this ‘Legal Steroid’ talk can make some people a bit nervous but it’s really important to remember that there is a world of difference between CrazyBulk products and illegal steroids.

The ingredients in Crazy Bulk products will never cause the same deleterious side effects as synthetic anabolic steroids because CrazyBulk use 100% natural ingredients for their ability to encourage your body to increase its own muscle growth/fat burning system.

How Do I Get The Most Benefit From This Stack?

This is the easiest question to answer, especially where bulking phases are concerned. Bulking up is easy but bulking up well is a little trickier. Calories are going to be important – you can’t put on the muscle without the fuel. But you’ve got to be sensible; it’s not like those boxing movies in the ’70s where they ate chocolate bar sandwiches.

Take care of your body and you will grow some bulk mass on that frame. Remember, a healthy diet just gives that frame a better chance of standing up to the muscle mass.

Then there’s the training. You want mass – hit the gym. Low reps, low sets, high weight. Also some hypertrophic workouts on the odd weeks: 3 or 4 sets of 8-10 reps, less weight than the previous week but always struggling a bit on the last 3 reps of each set.
Be careful though – consult a professional at the gym if you are at all unsure of what you are doing.

If it sounds like you are already bulky enough, why not try the Cutting Stack.

Is The Bulking Stack Recommended?

If you’re a naturally slim person, have a high metabolism or you find it hard to build mass then this stack is the recommended option to help you reach your muscle mass goals. Maybe you know your own cycles and it’s Bulk time – then this is the stack for you.

Purchasing Options

Crazymass steroid guaranteeCrazyBulk stacks, combos and individual products are all available from their website with world wide shipping. They are the only retailer of these supplements who can offer such specials as:

  • Buy 2 individual bottles and get 1 FREE
  • Save 20% when you buy stacks and combos
  • FREE product and discount when you write a review

You’ll find the Stack page by following the link below

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CRAZYBULK Anabolic Combo – Pack On Big Muscle — 2 Comments

  1. What is the best for me to take I’m just starting out ive been going to the gym only two weeks now I’m looking to get ripped. I am skinny and want to get bigger and I also have a wee belly I want loss it and tone up hopefully some time get a six pack.

    • Hi mate, the skinny with a bit of a belly physique is really common. It can come from many things including your diet and metabolism. The gym will take care of the growth stimulus but you might want to look at diet, it’s the most important factor in getting ripped.

      Beer is a big culprit for the belly side of things. Could also be estrogen levels out of whack a bit. The Top Testosterone Boosters page has a few of the best products for elevating your natural Testosterone levels (click here), they can help with muscle and vitality too.

      It sounds like you’re a bit of an ectomorph otherwise. Stick to 35% Protein 35% Carbs and 30% Fats (good fats) diet. There’s plenty of Macro-nutrition articles on this site also. Just search ‘protein’, ‘carbohydrates’ and ‘fats’ in the search bar.

      Good luck – ask more if you need. Stick at it in the gym, and lay off the junk and you’ll see results.

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