Controlled Labs – White Flood Re-Born Review

White Flood Re-Born supplementWhite Flood Re-Born is a pre-workout supplement produced in the US by Controlled Labs. The company is based in New York, but the official site contains very little information about them.

Controlled Labs produces a range of health and fitness supplements and White Flood Re-Born is just one of three workout-enhancing supplements included in that range. The blend contains no fillers or artificial colors and is totally devoid of creatine. Controlled Labs state it contains only the best ingredients and can enhance anabolic effects and promote strength gains within weeks.

Summary A pre-workout supplement that can power up workout sessions

Key Positives: Provides benefits to users with a high tolerance to stimulants

Key Negatives: Possible side effects, can be expensive

Promised Benefits

  • Fast Absorbing and Fast Acting
  • Synergy, Strength and Stamina
  • Endurance and Extreme Pumps
  • Nutrient delivery and Recovery
  • Carb, Creatine and Dye Free
  • Stimulate Neurons

Usage Instructions

The manufacturer’s site fails to provide any information about how to use the supplement, but the sales page on an independent retailer’s site states the correct dosage is two (7.17g) scoops taken 15-20 minutes before starting a workout. This should be taken with 2 to 3 glasses of liquid.

White Flood Re-Born Pros & Cons in depth

The Pros 

  • Variety of suppliers
  • Incredible money back guarantee (with strings attached)
  • Improves performance and recovery
  • Boosts muscle growth
  • Choice of flavors
  • Choice of pack size
  • Customer feedback mostly good
  • Maximizes workout benefits and results
The Cons 

  • Expensive product
  • Limited information available about the manufacturers


How it all Stacks up

Most of the blend’s power can be attributed to the Enduropump Complex (4150mg), but it’s a proprietary blend so exact inclusion rates are not supplied for individual ingredients.

The combination of L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate should provide extra energy, increase fat burning, and aid muscle response.

L-Norvaline and Betaine Anhydrous should improve blood flow and aid nutrient delivery to the muscles.

The second biggest ingredient is the Reborneuro Complex (1233mg)—also a proprietary blend.

The blend contains several stimulants.

  • Glucuronolactone: Increases alertness, speeds up reaction time, and may have the potential to improve the mood.
  • Caffeine: The stimulatory value of caffeine is too well known to require further explanation here.
  • Schizandra: Sourced from a plant that is reputed to provide increased energy and boost the immune system.
  • Evodiamine: An extract taken from a plant called  evodiae fructus. It is believed to possess thermogenic qualities that should assist fat burning and provide a further source of energy.
  • Vinpocetine:  Believed to be beneficial for increasing the blood flow and helping to power-up workouts.

Health Considerations

The manufacturers state all their products are 100% safe and generally side effect free, but recommend users with existing health issues seek medical advice prior to use.

This product may not be suitable for use by pregnant of nursing mothers.

Customer Feedback

Independent feedback is available and although a few customers say they feel the product is a waste of money, many more speak in more positive terms.

“I tried the old recipe before and saw nothing wrong with it this new one is just a bit stronger. It’s among the best PWO to take when your taking time off of creatine. If taste is important to you (meow) than you’ll enjoy it. It is very easy to drink and your mood and focus improves within 10 minutes. It did dehydrate me very quickly. If your new to PWO this is ideal for you.”

“It has given me energy, more pump, and focus throughout my workout. Not to mention the taste is great and goes down easy. Def one of the best pre-workout supplements I’ve taken.

The 105% Money Back Guarantee

Controlled Labs provide customers with a 105% guarantee and that’s a fantastic offer because if customers are unhappy with the results they can return the remaining product and clam a full refund plus five percent of the original price they paid as a thank you for trying the product. Not many manufacturers provide their customers with a chance to make a profit on product returns, but there is a big catch. The guarantee only applies to purchases made via the (most expensive option) official site.

Pricing & Purchasing Options

White Flood Re-Born is available in several flavors (Juicy Watermelon, Furious Fruit Punch, Electric Lemonade, and White Pineapple). The size options are 10 servings, 30 servings, and 60 servings and the product is available to buy from a profusion of online sources including Amazon and eBay. White Flood can also be purchased from the manufacturer’s website, but this is seldom the cheapest way to go. A 30 serving tub of White Flood Reborn costs nearly $57 when purchased directly from the Controlled Labs website, but the same product costs less than $25 on


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