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From the couch potato to the professional athlete and everyone in between, we all need  protein in varying amounts. Our bodies utilize protein in different ways, the most notable being:

  • to repair, grow and replenish muscle tissue
  • to provide our muscles with a direct energy source
  • to help maintain optimum metabolism

Protein in dietThe majority of our protein intake should ideally come from our diets. Studies suggest that around six small meals a day, each with a protein-rich food included is optimum.

For active people such as gym members, cross-fitters, runners, cyclists, swimmers – in fact, athletes of any discipline, it is most likely necessary to use supplemental protein to reach their athletic and physical goals.

Yes, it is possible to fulfill all of your protein requirements from diet alone. Is it probable, or even practical? No.

protein supplementYou may have heard of the 20 minute window which exists after we have finished exercising and when the body is at it’s most sponge-like absorbency – primed for nutritional recovery. This is one such occasion where protein (along with carbohydrate) supplementation is crucial.

For this reason, and more, the supplement market is buoyed up by protein powders manufactured by big brands, and manned by many a muscle-bound salesman willing to separate you from your hard-earned money. And, boy it’s a lot of money!

Big brand supplementsUnfortunately, that salesman is withholding much information from you; such as a valid reason why this protein powder costs as mush as it does.

He will talk at length about absorption rates and amino acid profiles, why this is that and that is this, but he’ll neglect to mention the markup that the big brand company is making.

I know, I know, he wouldn’t be a good salesman if…blah, blah! The fact is: Protein powders cost little to make, but a lot to buy – that is, they cost a lot in the high street supplement stores anyway.

So, are there options whereby you can get your hands on quality protein – and other supplements – for a lot less money without sacrificing quality and quantity?

You can bet your quadriceps there are.

Well, one such company by the name of myprotein aims to answer that question in the affirmative. By keeping the business solely online and by saving on superficial flamboyances like colourful packaging, they have managed to cut their prices down to something most of us will view as much more realistic and indeed manageable. Not only that, but they sport a price match guarantee which means that if you find a cheaper product elsewhere, myprotein will beat it by 5%. That’s not likely to happen though – check their prices.

You can continue to read and I will discuss a few of their products or you can go and browse the myprotein website right now

But what about quality? – you ask.

Protein supplements are not nuclear rocket science. It’s true to say that a Whey Isolate has a much higher absorption rate than a Miscellar Casein. That’s why whey isolate is much better to take straight after the gym so that the amino acids get to work preventing the catabolism (break-down) of the muscle and promoting an anabolic (growth) environment.

It’s also why miscellar casein is ideal to take just before bedtime, where it will form a nice ball of slow-digesting protein in your stomach, helping your muscles grow as you lay in blissful and uninterrupted sleep. But one isolate to another, or one casein to another, there’s no way one could be worth twice as much as another when the same, certificated manufacturing process is adhered to.

So, not to put too fine a point on it but that’s all there is to it. Anything other than what it says it is on the packet is superfluous and unnecessary. And it’s what makes big brand stuff so expensive. They throw science and numbers at you and sell you theories and ideas. I’m not ashamed to say that I have bought into that on many occasions in my life.

With that, lets take a look at one or two of the products, just as a taster, if you will. Or, if you want to, just follow the link below and you can go and browse the entire range on the myprotein website.

Click here to go straight to the myprotein website or continue reading for some products

myprotein Total Protein

myprotein total protein powderThe first indication of value for money came when I noticed the Total Protein. It’s a blend of different protein types, ranging from milk/casein which is slow-digesting, through to egg which is medium, to whey which is the fastest.

That makes it absolutely ideal for taking after the gym or in the evening – or better yet, after your early evening workout. The whey will get to work immediately, starting to repair your muscles before you even get home.

The egg derived portion will pick up later on and the milk protein will take you through the night, allowing you to repeat the whole routine again the following day.

Meanwhile you can eat your balanced diet, knowing your amino acid pool is thoroughly supplemented. And when I get 2.5 kg (yes, two and a half kilograms) for less than £38 it feels like I’m doing something I shouldn’t.

As for flavour – chocolate mint is available, which is about where my flavour search stopped. The powder mixes well, with no clumpy lumpy bits and in a blender with other ingredients, it breaks down and mixes smoothly.

Click here to take a look at myprotein Total Protein

 myprotein Lean Definition Advanced Bundle lean definition bundleIf you’re unsure where to start but you sort of know where you want to go, the myprotein bundles are one of the best and affordable routes to go. Here’s a fine example in the Lean Definition Advanced Bundle.

Probably the vast majority of gym goers would describe their goals in physical terms. That is to say they would like a certain body type.

The “lean and cut” build is probably the easiest to say, but one of the hardest to achieve. So, you want to build muscle but get rid of fat. In other words, get bigger – but only in the right places.

The Lean Definition Advanced Bundle should help. It comprises these separate products:

  • Hurricane Evo – 1.8 kg – this is a powder blend of different protein types, isolated amino acids, carbohydrates, and the ultimate buddies – HMB and Creatine. Basically, a muscle building elixir for the body.
  • BCAAs – 250g – the Branched Chain Amino acids – Leucine, isoleucine and valine. They provide your muscles with a direct source of energy during exercise and help create an environment of muscle growth during recovery. They are the super amino-acids essentially.
  • Impact Whey Deluxe – 1.0 kg- post exercise muscle recovery and growth has been defined by whey protein for as long as gyms have existed. Of course this excellent source of protein should be included in the bundle.
  • Thermopure – 90 tabs – Capsules filled with a blend of thermogenic ingredients that release, transport, burn and otherwise get rid of that unwanted fat. Definition means seeing those muscles you are building.
  • Creapure – 250g – Creatine = Strength and power. Myprotein’s creatine product is simple – it’s as close to pure creatine monohydrate as you will find. And that’s all you need. Scientifically speaking, once you have saturated your system with creatine, there is nothing that some whizz-bang fast absorption product is going to do that this won’t.
  • 600ml myprotein shaker cup

At £69.99 (current offer) it’s really surprising they can offer all of that. If you are looking for all-round bang for your buck, this is a really solid start.

Click here to go directly to the Lean Definition Advanced Bundle

Protein – Let’s Get Real

protein supplement Have you ever gone to a supplement store and grimaced when you saw the prices of the tubs of protein – you know, the big brand stuff?

If your answer is yes, then you are welcome to join one of the biggest clubs in the world, ergo, everyone. I can tell you that my buttocks used to clench together when the guy at the counter scanned in my measly 2.2 lbs (that’s a kilogram for the metrically inclined) tub of whey isolate and my slightly bigger tub of casein before promptly demanded a 3 figure sum.

I live in the realm of dollars and cents now, whereas before I dealt in pounds sterling and pence. There’s nothing like emigration to help improve your mental arithmetic. Ninety per cent of my brain capacity is now used for conversion tables: changing odd things like inches into centimetres, lbs into kilos and yes, kilometres back to miles. Why do the English still use miles, by the way – when we have so neatly assimilated the rest of the metric-verse into our collective? Never mind, I’ve gone off track. Suffice it to say, dollars or pounds, you should never have to part with over a hundred of either for protein powders.

So I don’t do that anymore. I still get my protein. It’s still just as effective. It costs a fraction of high street supplement store prices.

big brand protein powders Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who swear by the latest and most expensive protein blend to come out and they are extremely convincing with it. The fast-enzyme isolate that gets into your system before you’ve even swallowed it (they don’t claim it does that but it’s a near enough analogy).

Or what about the proprietary blends. In a protein powder! Really!? So you’ve put something in my protein that makes it different and better than everyone else’s protein. Could this secret ingredient have the initials BS by any chance?

protein rich foodA protein powder is a supplement. Supplements are meant to supplement our diet. The fact is, we need to look after our diets and not rely so heavily on these products to get us where we want to be – athletically and physically.

Protein powders are important, and believe me, I have enough isolate, casein and protein/carb recovery blends to convince a cow that she’s safe from my carnivorous desires. She would be wrong, though…oh, so very wrong.

At the base of all the supplements I own is food. And it’s only at certain times that the protein powders come into effect. Here’s a few examples of those times:

  • Within 20 minutes of finishing at the gym and it’s going to be a good hour before I can cook something nutritious (the 20 minute window is an important one to replenish your amino acid pools)
  • An hour before going to bed. Casein is a slow-digester which doesn’t affect your sleep. A protein-rich meal on the other hand will do.
  • I’ve just done a fast 20km run and my guts would say “not just yet, thank you very much” to a can of tuna.

The list goes on, but you get the point.

Now, where does that leave my original rant about the cost of protein powders? Ah yes, well, I’ll answer my question with another question.

Do you think, when you have finished a tough workout at the gym, your body is going to get a whole lot more from a $60 protein powder than one half that price?

The answer – as if you need it – is NO. There is no real need to change the amino acid profile of a protein. Even old school protein concentrate is good enough at that post-gym point to keep your muscles working on something until you can get to the kitchen.

Sure, a whey isolate is better straight after exercise to get it to your muscles quicker and a casein is better at night to keep them topped up for eight hours. Keeping your body in a just-anabolic state is the best situation for anyone spending their money on gym memberships and equipment and so forth. After all, if we are not improving, what’s the point.

Hype, profit margins, convincing advertising and pseudo-science are the factors that make someone pay two vastly different amounts of money for virtually the same thing. And be in no doubt, the money you save on not getting sucked into that can be spent on delicious, nutritious food.

Vegan protein sourceAnd if you are in any doubt of the efficacy of a good diet with healthy supplementation then remember this: there are vegan athletes out there who can complete Ultraman triathlons or squat so much in the gym that it’s unclear whether they are pushing the weight up or the Earth down.

Those guys take the nutrition thing to the next level. Yes, it’s a lifestyle choice, but it’s better than riddling yourself with supplements and wondering why you’ve hit a plateau.

As for protein, well, follow this link and discover an alternative to the high street bandits that will rip you off before you’ve even unclenched your buttocks.

Click here to open your protein mind


Jarrow Formulas Gluten Free Brown Rice Protein Concentrate

Vegan Brown Rice Protein by Jarrow FormulasJarrow Formula’s Brown Rice Protein has been specifically formulated to meet the protein requirements of users who either cannot or choose not to consume food/ingredients from certain sources. It should be suitable for use by anyone who needs a supplement to feed their growing muscles, but Brown Rice Protein will be a particularly attractive bodybuilding option for gym-goers who require a supplement that is:

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Soy free

The supplement could also be useful for vegetarians searching for an acceptable means of boosting their protein intakes. Brown Rice Protein comes in a choice of three flavors—vanilla, chocolate, mixed berries. Each serving (2 Tbsps.) provides 11g of protein. This isn’t as high as in some competing blends, but Brown Rice Protein’s universal suitability means it offers benefits that many competing blends do not. Jarrow Formulas are based in Los Angeles, California and the company has been formulating and supplying nutritional supplements since 1977. The company motto is “Superior Nutrition and Formulation” and they appear to have a reputation for living up their motto.

 What is Brown Rice Protein Concentrate?

As the name suggests Brown Rice Protein Concentrate is a protein powder made from whole grain brown rice. It’s a gluten-free, hypoallergenic, and easy to digest product designed to offer an alternative to soy, wheat, and whey-based supplements and animal products. Users who cannot or do not normally tolerate such products may find Brown Rice a more acceptable alternative. The blend also boasts a complete amino acid profile so there is no reason why its use should not deliver some decent muscle gains (for bodybuilders) or be a valuable dietary aid (for vegetarians).

The manufacturers recommend taking one serving each day and suggest blending the powder with 8 oz. of fruit juice, rice milk, or any other preferred beverage.

 Key Benefits

  • Easy to digest
  • 70% Easily Mixable Protein
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile
  • Protein quality scores exceeding 100%
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners



Not surprisingly, given the name, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate, relies exclusively on the health benefits of brown rice.  Brown rice differs from white rice in that only the outer layer of the rice kernel is removed. The underlying bran layer is retained. The production of white rice necessitates the removal of the bran as well and with the bran goes much of the rice’s nutritional value. This is a pity because brown rice is crammed full of vitamins and minerals and is known to be one of the healthiest foods in the world. Brown rice is also digested relatively slowly, allowing for a slower release of energy that should ensure users don’t burn off all their energy before the end of their workouts. Brown rice is also known to boost growth hormone levels and stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue, so it has a lot of potential as a bodybuilding aid.

Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein is a simple organic blend that has been specifically designed to be tolerated by a wide variety of user groups so side effects are unlikely.

 Customer Feedback

Independent feedback is easy to find and although there are a few nay-sayers the product seems to be a hit with the majority of users. A few typical reviews read:

“I’ve tried to find good alternatives to whey protein for a long time and this by far has been the best. I don’t find it chalky at all. I mix 1 tablespoon with 8 ounces of cold Silk Vanilla Almond milk in a shaker and it’s delicious. I’ve found its helped me recover quicker from my workouts.”
“Product has a nice flavor; I like to mix a banana and grapes, or berries etc. Great mid morning or afternoon snack. Fills me till meal time. Curbs the craving for sweets.”
“I bought this product because of the Non-GMO organic brown rice protein. If you like rice protein, you will like this. For the money and with the natural ingredients, I will buy this product again and again.”

Pricing & Availability

The Jarrow Formulas website has a handy store-finding tool to help customers in the US find a local retailer. Customers who live elsewhere in the world may find it easier to buy online and will be spoilt for choice when looking for a supplier because Jarrow products are available in many online stores. Prices can vary from site to site, but expect to pay $10 to $15 for a 504g tub.

Jarrow Formula Protein Pros & Cons at a Glance

The Pros 

  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Natural ingredient
  • Easy to digest
  • Gradual energy release
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Well tolerated
  • Suitable for most user groups (including vegans)
  • Builds lean muscles
  • Plenty of positive customer feedback
  • Choice of flavors
  • Side effects are  unlikely
  • Readily available
  • Reasonably priced
The Cons 

  • At 11g of protein per serving, the amount of protein provided does not compare well to some competing products.

 Bottom Line 

With this product being as hypoallergenic as a glass of filtered water, not even the most sensitive of us should reject this product where dietary requirements are concerned. The only real negative is that the amount of protein per serving is on the war ration end of the scale. That being said, Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice protein would make a nice clean addition to your pre-bed shake.

Alternate Recommendations

Best vegan proteinIf you’re interested in Brown Rice Protein and you want quality, affordable stuff that mixes well and tastes great, we may have just the place for you. offer everything under the Sun and more so it’s no surprise they have some great vegan options as well.

There’s actually Vegan, Hemp and Brown Rice proteins to name but three. Follow the link below and you can find them all.

Click to go to the Myprotein page