Capsiplex Sport Reviewed: Pre-Workout Fat-Burner

Capsiplex Sport new packagingThe manufacturers of the extremely popular fat-burner Capsiplex are releasing a sport edition of the product.

Capsiplex Sport has been developed for use as a pre-workout supplement and fat-burner in one. The pre-workout element not only has an energizing factor to it, but a nitric-oxide boost as well. Increasing nitrix-oxide levels in the blood leads to the vasodilation – or widening of the blood vessels – which increases the volume of blood, oxygen and nutrients getting to the active muscles.

This helps you exercise more intensively and for longer periods, which of course equates to a stronger, fitter, healthier and leaner you.

Capsiplex Sport – Recommended

Approved sealThis fat-burning, pre-workout is getting our seal of approval. The original Capsiplex was a great fat-burner and this upgraded Sport version is even better in our opinion.

It’s perfect for your cut cycle or even if you just want keep the fat under control when bulking up. Not only that but you can take it as a dedicated pre-workout to perk you up and get pumped in the gym, and look at it as having the bonus fat-burning effect.

Whatever your requirements are, Capsiplex Sport appears to fulfill them all. Now check out the excellent special offers and shipping deals you can get hold of at the moment. Just follow the link below.

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What Is Capsiplex Sport and How Does it Work?

PlankCapsiplex is already a widely established name in the slimming and dieting world. The famous “beadlet” design has helped to make it the quality fat-burner it is by giving the ingredients a protective shell that dissolves in a time-release manner allowing the business end of the formula to make it all the way to the intestine instead of getting largely taken out by stomach acids.

With Capsiplex Sport, they are marketing to people who lead active lives and workout regularly. The formula has been designed to provide the user with extra benefits compared to the original diet pill.

The benefits of Capsiplex Sport are as follows:

  • Increased Fat-Burning
  • Quickened Metabolism
  • Improved Workout with Nitric-Oxide elevation (vasodilation)
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Concentration and Cognitive Function

Let’s have a look a the formula to see how Capsicum Sport will achieve this.


Capsicum (aka capsaicin)

This is the core of the supplement as it is with the original fat-burner. Capsicum pepper, when locked in a time release capsule can be absorbed from the intestine. It can burn fat and raise the user’s metabolism. Studies have also demonstrated its ability to induce a vasodilation effect – opening the blood vessels for more improved oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles.


Nitric Oxide boostNitric-Oxide levels are raised when you absorb L-Arginine, which is the product’s major mechanism for vasodilation. This widens the blood vessels, increasing the amount of oxygen getting to the working muscles along with the other ingredients in the supplement and the nutrients in your diet.

It is widely acknowledged that this ‘Pump’ effect can significantly improve your physical performance and stamine during a workout and speed recovery afterwards.


Present in most fat-burners and pre-workouts, caffeine is synergistic with all the other ingredients and also works alone to induce thermogenesis (fat-burning), increase energy and improve mood and focus.


Any supplement worth its salt should contain this excellent ingredient. Piperine is a pure form of pepper which can increase the absorption rate and bioavailability of the other ingredients. As Caspiplex say. ‘it’s like turbo-charging you car.”

Vitamin B

Literally vital for so many processes in your body – including metabolism of fats and weight management – many people are deficient in the B Vitamins so it’s a great base for the supplement.

Supporting Study

During the initial clinical trial in Oklahoma using Capsiplex, the test group took the supplement an hour before exercise and burned just under 300 calories more than the placebo group. And that the regular Capsiplex, so we expect the Sport edition to do even better what with the added benefits to the formula.

Usage Guidelines

We advise you follow the instructions on the packaging.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before using this or any other supplement. Those on medication or with a previous medical condition should do the same.

Is Capsiplex Sport Recommended?

strong fibresMale or Female, big or small, Capsiplex Sport is going to provide you with an extra edge to achieve your fitness and health goals faster. Used as a pre-workout, it has the added bonus of being an excellent fat-burner. Used primarily for a fat-burner, it should give you a real energy and performance boost. It just depends how you want to look at it.

We are going to use Capsiplex Sport on a long-term basis and have a two week break from it every 10 to 12 weeks or so. You may want to consider going the same route in order to reset your tolerances for the caffeine after a long spell.

Capsiplex Sport is available from the official site, where you can avail of current special offers. Shipping is available worldwide, to destinations including Australia, Canada, Europe, USA, UK, Ireland and ost other places you can think of.

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