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Boss Lean Mass ScreenshotBoss Workouts is a company that creates 12 Week Workout Programs, each designed to help you succeed in your physical transformation goals.

Currently, they offer:

  • Boss Lean Mass
  • Boss Shred

Boss Lean Mass and Boss Shred also come with extensive diet and nutrition plans to complete the programs.

The programs’ key component are series of high quality coaching videos presented by professional trainers who show you exactly what resistance weight training movements and exercises to do in each gym session.

Boss Workouts’ programs consist of clear steps, or phases, with each phase having a specific purpose towards building the end result.

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Which Boss Workouts Program Should I Use?

Choosing a workout program depends on the type of physical transformation you are looking for. Do you want to be powerful, explosive, built? – then you would probably choose Boss Lean Mass.

Do you want to look cut, carved, ripped…shredded? – obviously you’d go for Boss Shred.

Boss Workout Boss Shred screenshot

That said, there’s very good reasons for doing one followed by another. For example a lot of bodybuilders and strength athletes do a strength and mass cycle followed by a cutting cycle to really shape that defined but strong physique.

If however you are trying to decide which one is right for you now, and not thinking too long-term about cycles and perfect physiques then we’ll discuss the different advantages of each next.

Why Choose Boss Lean Mass?

Boss Lean Mass is probably the program to begin with for most people. This is not because it is a general fitness program or anything. In fact, Boss Lean Mass has a very specific goal in mind: A powerful, lean physique.

The reason it’s probably the best one to start with is due to the average male factor. Most guys looking to take their physical conditioning to a new level have the right starting body type, or the average build, so to speak.

Boss Lean Mass

You probably know if you fit this category but if you don’t then here’s some more defined characteristics:

  • You find it hard to build strength and muscle, despite exercising
  • You have a layer of stubborn fat despite doing some cardio
  • You know your eating habits aren’t great and it also makes you tired
  • You lift weights but you aren’t completely sure if you are doing all aspects of it correctly

Of course, the most motivating factors are the positive ones – i.e. what you want out of the workout program:

  • Boss Workouts

    Jason Sani – Boss Workouts Professional Coach

    You want to be, feel and look strong and powerful

  • You want to feel balanced and happy
  • You want to feel energized and alert
  • You want to feel more attractive and confident
  • You want practical strength to feel more fulfilled
  • You enjoy different sports or want to take one up
  • You want to have a healthy and long life

Deep huh? Some of those sound intense but it’s true. Physical conditioning is great for both physical and mental health. It also promotes longevity and vitality. All aspects of health can be improved, and the higher the quality of program, the better the results.

The Boss Lean Mass look is the most desirable for the great majority of men. It’s the Brad Pitt physique in the movie Troy. It’s the Chris Pratt look in Guardians, Chris Evans (Captain America), Bradley Cooper (American Sniper), Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch Every dude in 300….you name it – it’s the Hollywood body!

Boss Lean Mass Program Contents

Boss Lean Mass Inclusions

Why Choose Boss Shred?

Boss Shred Boss Workouts Are you having trouble losing weight? Do you do lots of cardio but end up feeling weak and tired all the time? Have you finished a bulking cycle and looking to get cut?

Answering yes to any of these questions and any you feel are similar enough means you probably want the Boss Shred program.

It’s 12 weeks, just like the Boss Lean Mass but is centred around toning your muscles and shedding fat layered over them, in order to give you the shredded look.

The beauty of Boss Shred is that it’s phases are geared around muscular endurance and explosive fitness, together with the diet and nutrition plan required to really succeed.

Weakness and constant fatigue will be a thing of the past after the 12 week program is finished, and with Boss Workouts, after you have paid once you can use it for life without any more payments. One payment, and you get a lifetime of referring back to the best shredding program around.

Boss Shred even has alternate program phases depending on your individualities. Essentially it’s adaptable to you.

Boss Shred Program Contents

Boss Shred Inclusions

Why Boss Workouts and not a Personal Trainer?

Good question. Probably the most common question. The answers are pretty easy though: many personal trainers are terrible. They’ve either forgotten the basics, or they just don’t care enough. Either that or they are so into trying to be edgy that they have lost sight of the real importance of core principles.

Also, personal trainers cost a hell of a lot of money.

Boss Workouts costs about as much as 2 hours with a personal trainer – and with Boss Workouts you are getting 12 weeks with the best trainers in the world.

Boss Workouts are available to be purchased in all major currencies

You can take Boss Lean Mass, or Boss Shred, to the gym with you on your tablet, smartphone, or even laptop of that’s your thing and you have enough space.

You will also get a ton of recipes and workout training guides to complete the lifestyle that will bring success.

Trust us when we say, a good personal trainer at your gym will find it difficult to match the quality of what Boss Workouts is offering.

Why Not Just Get Workouts off YouTube for Free?

Why not? How’s that been working out for you so far? Why are you here looking at this? …

…because you want structure. You want a complete program with clear goals, not some social influencer that’s trying to get as many ‘likes’ as possible by showing you something different every time you log on.

Boss Shred

Boss Workouts take a calculated, expert, phased approach

Granted, some free online video guys are the real deal, but they still can’t generally offer you the whole package in such an organized and dedicated way, especially with the diet, nutrition and all the other literature that comes with Boss Workouts.

Added to that, you are getting industry leaders in physical training, coaching you every time you go to the gym and available whenever you go, without question. They won’t start coming up with some weird, flimsy looking exercise that everyone will have stopped doing in a month – the Boss Workouts trainers are professionals, who train professionals.

Boss Workouts – Purchasing

Boss Workouts Boss Lean MassFirst off, there’s no hidden costs or repeat payments to make. The price on the website is all you have to pay, and you have access to that workout forever, or at least until Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un destroy the world.

This is great because if you’re anything like us, you will want to do repeat cycles of these 12 week programs over the course of the next few years to keep refining your strength and shape, or, keep getting yourself centred again.

You can shop in multiple currencies, including AUD $, USD $, GBP £ and EURO and of course the Boss Workouts are available to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have the internet.

Boss Workouts Conclusion and Recommendations

Boss Workouts Jason SaniYou may have gathered that we thoroughly recommend Boss Workouts, both the current Boss Shred and Boss Lean Mass.

If you’re a go hard or go home type of person then you’ll want to hit the Boss Lean Mass and follow it up with a Boss Shred.

You can repeat them again and again as well, because you have no-strings lifetime access after the one-off payment.

The sheer depth of these programs is well worth the money. And speaking of the money, it costs about as much as a couple sessions with a personal trainer, only with Boss Workouts you are getting a complete 12 week program with diet and nutrition plans included…all presented by Jason Sani, a pro trainer who trains the pros!

If you have the will power without the direction, jump on this now and start your 12 weeks to physical transformation.

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