Alpha Test – MuscleTech Pro Series – Testosterone Supplement Review

Alpha Test Testosterone Alpha Test is a capsule supplement in MuscleTech’s Pro Series.

The Pro Series by MuscleTech looks very similar to the Performance Series, which includes a product we have studied and reviewed before: Clear Muscle.

Similar to that product, Alpha Test comes with MuscleTech’s claims of scientific proof, collected from a double blind placebo controlled study involving resistance trained men.

You can get a picture of MuscleTech’s clinical trial process and their weaknesses in the Clear Muscle review. Suffice it to say, these studies tend to come out in favour of the product giving users some significant gains.

In Alpha Test’s case, those gains would be a claimed “increased free testosterone in 7 days”.

In reality, the scientific studies are usually funded and designed by the company. One might be forgiven for being a skeptic!

Nonetheless, we are here to try supplements and report on them accordingly. So let’s begin with what Alpha Test is supposed to do.

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Benefits as Advertised

For the most part, these probably won’t come as a surprise but here are the main intended effects of Alpha Test:

  • Elevate Free Testosterone
  • Increase Serum Testosterone Levels
  • Support ATP
  • Decrease Estradiol (an estrogen)

Most of those are fairly standard claims for testosterone boosters, with the possible exception of ATP support.

Adenosine Triphosphate levels would indeed be improved with optimal testosterone levels but it isn’t something that would stand out. It is possible one of the effects of Fenugreek – glycogen uptake to the muscles – is the underlying reason.

Key Ingredients and Formula Potential

The following ingredients are contained within 2 capsules. There are 60 caps per bottle of Alpha Test, meaning the below inclusion rates are half of a total daily dose (split into to servings of 2 capsules):

  • 300mg [600mg daily total] – Fenugreek extract
  • 250mg [500mg daily total] – Tribulus extract
  • 100mg [200mg daily total] – Shilajit extract
  • 100mg [200mg daily total] – Boron Citrate
  • 50mg   [100mg daily total] – Broccoli powder

Note: The total daily dose should be split into two separate doses of 2 capsules. No more than 4 capsules should be taken in a 24 hour period.

Zinc Micronutrient GraphicZinc is an essential micronutrient. The dosage included can normalize testosterone levels that are low. It is lost through sweating which means replenishment after sports is important.

Fenugreek and Tribulus are found in countless testosterone boosters, despite not having direct testosterone boosting effects.

Tribulus is more of a libido enhancer and is effective at the dosages included here.

Fenugreek might have some 5-alpha-reductase suppressing effects which would theoretically prevent some testosterone from converting to DHT but the science is in its early days yet. Nonetheless, the dose here appears to be solid in the context of current research.

Shilajit has certainly had some positive effect on testosterone levels for infertile men. It increases the release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone, which also improves sperm quality and production.

Boron is effective at small doses. The dose here is 200mg (daily) of boron citrate which would equate to 10mg of boron itself. Again, the science is young but looking good so far.

Broccoli powder contains Diindolylmethane – aka. DIM – which at about 100mg per day can prevent some aromatase activity. Aromatase is the enzyme which converts testosterone to estradiol (estrogen). Furthermore, DIM can regulate levels of estrogen in other ways, helping to make sure there is neither too much or too little.

Side Effects and Health Considerations

doctorShilajit may increase HDL cholesterol somewhat and so is not recommended for people with cholesterol balance issues.

Alpha Test should also not be taken by people with any other pre-existing medical conditions, people taking prescribed medication or pregnant/breastfeeding women.

We had no problems with Alpha Test, and we are in good health with no known conditions to speak of.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Ingredients Question


The daily dosages in Alpha Test are pretty much spot on relative to the current knowledge gained from clinical trials. If they are not all the most powerful doses then they are at least the minimum that has shown effect.

Tribulus and Fenugreek are worthy inclusions but they are somewhat outdated ingredients compared to others. Nonetheless, they have a place in male health supplements and are included at relevant dosages.

The other ingredients are indeed relevant and included at scientifically proven dosages.

If we were to describe Alpha Test in one word it would be: Solid.

Nothing to get super excited about but something that will at least normalize testosterone levels for men who’s natural production is dropping, or for those engaged in intense resistance training.

Aside from that, it isn’t available in the UK, Europe or most places other than the US and Canada.

We have tested many testosterone boosters and feel we have a handle on what makes the difference between a good one and a great one.

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