Magnesium – The Most Important Mineral You Never Cared About

Magnesium Symbol WoodMagnesium is not in the headlines, it sounds like something your chemistry teacher used to bore your tits off about on a Wednesday afternoon, and it certainly doesn’t sound nearly as cool as passiflora caerulea, whatever the hell that is.

But…magnesium should be in the headlines, it was something your chemistry teacher explained (and you probably should have listened) and it does a bog load more for you than that passithingywhatsit shite.

There are lots of reasons why people in the third world are deficient in a multitude of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but there are precisely ZERO reasons why the average person in the social-media-infatuated developed first world might ever be deficient in anything in their entire life.

And yet…it’s one of the most common deficiencies in the developed world. Second only to Vitamin D.

And that’s just stupid.

What’s the Big Deal?

Magnesium is an essential mineral – “essential” being the key word here. You can’t love without it and you can’t be healthy with too little of it. You can be okay with just enough of it, and you can be Optimus Prime with the perfect amount of it.

So, if you had the choice, would you want to be a wet fart or the leader of the Autobots?

Here’s what magnesium does for you:

  • Keeps your Blood Pressure in the green
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity so you don’t become a Type II Diabetic
  • Increases Bone Mineral Density
  • Helps you Sleep Deeply
  • Boosts Muscle Oxygenation and Aerobic Exercise
  • Protects your Brain from Depression, Seizures and ADHD
  • Reduces chance of Migraines and reduces frequency if you get them often
  • Helps Relieve Symptoms of PMS

If any of the above evokes feelings of longing, then you might be a good candidate for the global magnesium correction program (not a thing) and perhaps you might start thinking about getting more from (a) your diet, or (b) a supplement.

Magnesium is supposed to be the second most prevalent electrolyte in your body. Pretty much wherever there is fluid in your body, there should be a certain concentration of magnesium. And considering we are basically just sacks of fluid held together by bones – which, by the way, also need magnesium – it’s a pretty big deal!

Fair Enough – What About the Diet Thing?

Yes, magnesium is in food. Yes, you can correct a magnesium deficiency with diet. No, most westerners and first worlders don’t eat enough of the right foods.

We’re talking about:

  • Leafy greens – e.g. spinach, swiss chard
  • Other veg – e.g. potato skins, tamarind, okra (ladies fingers), Edamame
  • Nuts and Seeds – e.g. almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, cashews
  • Fruit – e.g. prickly pear
  • Beans and Legumes – e.g. peas, black-eyed peas
  • Soy produce – e.g. Tempeh, soy beans, soy nuts, tofu (that’s been made with Mg)
  • Fish and Seafood – e.g. salmon, mackerel, crab, pollock
  • Other – e.g. quinoa, toasted wheat germ, All Bran

Meats and poultry don’t contain much magnesium at all, and neither do nearly all grains. Basically the food types that much of the first world diets are based on.

When was the last time you took a crab sandwich and quinoa salad to work for lunch, with a little bag of almonds for a snack?

Not only do most of these foods satisfy a good portion of your magnesium quota, but they are good for you in all sorts of other ways.

How much Magnesium do we Need per Day?

Between 200mg and 400mg per day is recommended. Average portions of the example foods above contain between 40 and 90mg.

Some things like shell-less pumpkin seeds give you over 300mg of magnesium per 1/4 cup.

Talk To Me About Supplements

SupplementsSupplements are a good way to boost your dietary intake so that you are reaching that daily 200 – 400mg.

In fact out of all of the essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, we highly recommend a supplement or supplements that at least fill out your Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Zinc requirements. Others are easier to get from your food, but those three will get you on your way.

There are multi-vitamins available, but they are often dosed according to recommended daily allowances, which come from antiquated studies done by government health agencies about a thousand years ago. For example, most countries’ RDA for Vit D3 is 400 to 800 IU, which is just not enough for an adult that lives above the 37th parallel.

Supplements designed with physical performance in mind are probably your best bet. They usually come with a good Vitamin and Mineral base that takes exercise and sweating into account. They usually contain additional ingredients for helping you grow muscle, burn fat, boost testosterone, or a combination of some or all of them.

Prime Male

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Testosterone boosters often have a decent lump of Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc in them because they are all associated with elevated testosterone levels.

Vit D and Zinc have been proven in this context and the jury is still out on Magnesium, but whether it does or not, it’s good to have it in healthy doses in those products.

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Glucomannan – The Secret Weapon for Weight Loss

SupplementsGlucomannan is a physical appetite suppressor that might just help you reach your weight loss goals faster than you thought possible.

It is a natural fiber / fibre which absorbs water and swells to many more times its original volume. This is quite a rare property, believe it or not, in a natural ingredient which only has positive effects on health.

When glucomannan powder – which is found in the root of the Konjac plant – enters the stomach, along with at least 250ml (8 fl oz) of water, it absorbs the water and grows to form a comfortable, squidgy mass.

The stomach senses this mass and sends a signal to the brain to say that it is fuller with food than it actually is.

The result is a feeling of satiety without adding a single calorie to your daily intake.

Taken 30 minutes before food with a large glass of water, this can have a profound effect on how much of a meal you need.

Calorie restriction has already been proven as the most effective way to lose fat / weight. When you combine this with a higher ratio of protein in your diet, you will also retain the muscle you have, rather than losing it to the diet.

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Calorie Control is the Key to Shedding Fat

Woman DoctorExercise and activity is great for losing a few extra pounds a month, not to mention the strength and the overall fitness and health you get from it.

However, the king of weight loss will always be the simple (but difficult) practice of consuming less calories than you burn in any given day.

Over time, the calorie deficit leads to consistent fat loss, but boy is it hard to achieve, especially if you are working out and trying to build muscle at the same time.

How Do I Take It?

Ingredients QuestionThe only way we think you should take glucomannan is inside a supplement capsule. To take the powder without it being a capsule is dangerous as it would possibly swell in your throat.

Also, it wouldn’t make it to the stomach in one lump, which is how it will do the best job.

You must always drink at least a large glass of water (250ml or 8 ounces) each time you take a glucomannan supplement.

Again, this is to ensure the pill is washed down properly but in this case it is more to provide enough water for it to actually absorb in the stomach.

What Are the Best Glucomannan Supplements?

You can take a well known brand’s Glucomannan supplement and it will help. Useful dosages range from 500mg a day to 3000mg a day, usually split into at least 2 dosages, each taken 30 minutes before a main meal (with enough water, remember).

However, the best products we have tried are those that contain glucomannan but that also contain a full fat burning formula in addition.

This way, the appetite suppression is powerful, but there is also some thermogenics, energy boosters, nootropics and even more appetite suppressors to help further your weight loss more and more.

When combined with a good, protein rich diet and an exercise plan, it’s the way to fast-track your success.

Instant Knockout Fat BurnerOur favourite Glucomannan product which is also a stellar fat burner and excellent energy booster is Instant Knockout (IKO) from Roar Ambition.

IKO is used by professional athletes, including MMA fighters and boxers who, we all know, have to make very tight weight categories and usually with not a lot of time or room for error.

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Niacin and Niacin Strips – The Way Forward in Sports Supplements

Niacin CapsuleNiacin is the name for Vitamin B3, which you may hear called nicotinic acid as well.

And if that wasn’t confusing enough, Nicotinamide is the name for the Vitamer B3 which has virtually identical properties.

To avoid mixing everything up, Niacin will almost always be the one used for Vitamin B3 and for the purposes of this article it is the one we will use.

Niacin is essential for proper enzyme function, hence its status as a vitamin. Without it, humans cannot live.

Luckily, it is fairly easy to come by in our regular diets and deficiencies are rare.

So why supplement at all? That’s a good question; let’s find out.

Why Supplement with Niacin?

The recommended daily allowance for Niacin is between 14mg and 18mg a day. Women and men over 14 years old need 14mg and 16mg respectively. Breastfeeding and pregnant women; 17mg and 18mg.

Like a few other vitamins, however, this dosage merely prevents a deficiency. There are some interesting benefits which become apparent at much higher doses.

In, fact, most of the additional perks of using Niacin are stimulated by oral doses of 1000mg (1 gram) or more.

Those benefits include:

  • Normalizing Blood Lipids (improving cholesterol balance)
  • Reducing Triglyceride Levels
  • Increasing Cognitive Function
  • Boosting HGH Levels
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Improving Blood Flow (vasodilation)

Niacin As a Training Supplement

DB pressConsidering what we are all about, it won’t have escaped your attention that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Vasodilation were mentioned in that list.

Niacin is becoming one of the stand-out sports supplements of the current generation of products.

It has taken a while to completely narrow down the best way to take niacin, but it would seem from scientific research that sustained-release pills are NOT the way to go.

The best way is to get the niacin into your system quickly. Even better is to have it enter your bloodstream and not even go near your stomach. This will ensure all of the product you have paid for will get to work.

NO, we are not talking about injections, but the latest liposome technology.

Liposomes can include nutrients which are coated with a protective delivery outer-nutrient.

In this case, the niacin would be coated with something like choline.

These liposomes are then attached to a thin strip which melts on the tongue (a bit like those breath freshener strips that are available).

It melts, enters your bloodstream, and gets to work.

Advantages of Liposome Niacin Delivery

There are several reasons why the tongue strip with liposomes is the best delivery method:

  1. Fast-Acting Vasodilation takes effect quickly
  2. HGH Boost kicks in a couple hours later perfect for post-gym growth and recovery
  3. No product is wasted by stomach acids – liposomes enter the bloodstream direct
  4. Liver is left alone

Niacin Flush

A reddening of the skin can occur, accompanied with mild skin tingling, on taking niacin. This is just the vasodilation effect kicking in and is harmless.

Most people end up appreciating the feeling of it working.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Niacin Max HGH boosterMany people can appreciate the benefits of niacin supplementation. Active people, especially gym members and strength athletes will enjoy the HGH and Vasodilation.

We’ve searched for the ultimate supplement with all of the information in this article in mind. There aren’t many companies fulfilling all of the criteria we expect, but one stands out from them.

NiacinMax is a liposome encapsulated tongue strip product. It can be shipped worldwide for free and comes at some great special offers. Best of all, it can be taken a few minuted before hitting the gym.

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