NiacinMax – HGH Boost and Vasodilation – Straight to the Bloodstream

Niacin Max HGH boosterNiacinMax is a sports supplement intended to “cause unrivalled performance”. It comes in the form of thin strips that have a citrus flavour and dissolve in the mouth.

There is no need to swallow anything because the active ingredient is absorbed straight into the bloodstream.

This is a refreshing change from other supplements because no water is required, and the stomach is not involved, meaning none of the active ingredient is destroyed.

The unique delivery method also means the product gets to work fast.

Diet drops are designed to be absorbed in a similar fashion, but NiacinMax is the first niacin-providing supplement that functions in this way.

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Who Makes NiacinMax?

NiacinMax was developed by Wolfson Berg. The company is based on the island of Cyprus and has been producing quality supplements for over 10 years

What are the Promised Benefits?

Wolfson Berg say their product is the most potent niacin supplement available and promise users several benefits:

  • Improves Muscle Growth (via HGH boost)
  • Promotes Fat Burning
  • Increases Red Blood Cell production and Blood Flow
  • Delivers Maximum Nutrients and Oxygen to the Muscles and Brain (via vasodilation)
  • Fights Fatigue
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Enhances Concentration and Mental Focus

Niacin Benefits

What Ingredients Does the Product Contain?

Each strip provides 75mg of of niacin that has been encapsulated in liposomes that ensure the maximum amount of niacin is introduced to the blood.

How Do I Use NiacinMax?

You place a single strip underneath the tongue and wait for it to dissolve and be absorbed into the surrounding flesh. The process takes just seconds.

The strips work best when the stomach is empty and the best time to use them is first thing on the morning. People who train more than five days per week can use a second strip on the evening, three or four hours before going to bed.

How Does NiacinMax Work?

Niacin Max BodybuilderNiacinMax offers the same benefits as any other supplement that provides niacin, but the unique delivery method employed allows it to work in a more efficient manner that ensures superior results.

Supplementation with niacin causes vasodilation. This natural widening of the blood vessels improves the circulation and the increased flow of blood carries extra nutrients and oxygen to the brain and muscles.

This can sharpen the mind, boost energy levels, provide more stamina, and improve muscle growth.

Scientific studies conducted show supplementation with niacin also elevates HGH levels considerably (often by over 600%). This results in increased testosterone levels, more endurance, extra energy, faster healing, and improved fat burning.

HGH also has anti-ageing abilities and it has such a good reputation for enhancing sporting abilities some athletes inject themselves with synthetic hormone. This can be a real game changer, but it can also damage the health, and any athlete who tests positive for synthetic human growth hormone is likely to be banned from competitions.

Niacin does not present negative issues because it only courages the body to become super-efficient at producing a hormone that it was manufacturing anyway.

Is There Any Customer Feedback?

There is no customer feedback yet as this is a brand new product.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The only side effect users can expect is a slight tingling and flushing of the skin. This will usually pass quite quickly and is a perfectly normal reaction when niacin products are first used.

It’s called the niacin flush and, although the effects can be quite pronounced when some supplements are used, NiacinMax is designed to work in a manner that produces a much milder sensation.

Does NiacinMax Work?

ApprovedScientific proof shows niacin has the ability to provide vasodilation and boost HGH levels, so it seem highly likely that the product will do everything Wolfson Berg claim.

The niacin provided by the strips will also enter the blood stream in an unusually fast and efficient manner.

No other niacin supplement is designed to work in this way so it is highly probable that NiacinMax is the most powerful niacin supplement on the market.

Is There a Guarantee?

Wolfson Berg are offering a 67-day money back guarantee.

This is excellent as it allows you to use the product for the full 60 days and still have 7 extra days to deal with returns if you really feel you should.

Where is the Best Place to Buy NiacinMax?

The best place to buy NiacinMax is from the manufacturer’s website. At the time of this review, it was possible to buy a box that contains 30 strips for £29.99 (about $35 USD).

Niacin Max Special Offers

There were also some pretty good deals available:

  1. Buy two boxes, get one box free of charge
  2. Buy three boxes, get two boxes free of charge

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TestBoost Review – Top Testosterone Product 2016

Testosterone BoosterTestBoost is a supplement in capsule form. It contains a natural formula designed to boost your endogenous testosterone levels.

The product contains some powerful dosages of well proven test-boosting ingredients and is sold with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee for anyone nervous about taking the 3 month offer.

In scientific studies, the inclusions – especially D-AA – have been shown to increase serum testosterone levels by almost 50% in as little as two weeks.

We put TestBoost to the, well…test!

Benefits of Increased Testosterone

DoctorThe big T is integral to so many processes in your body. Optimal levels can help you increase or improve:

  • Lean Muscle Growth
  • Bone Density
  • Fat Loss / Burning
  • Sexual Function and Libido
  • Mood and Cognitive Function
  • Feelings of Vitality
  • General Wellbeing

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How Does It Work?

nitric oxide boostSupplements like TestBoost generally contain more than one ingredient to make use of different mechanisms to achieve the end goal more effectively.

The main ingredient – D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) increases the amount of Lutenizing Hormone (LH) in the male body.

LH is the important hormone which stimulates the production of Testosterone in the testicles.

TestBoost works in different ways also. The formula:

  1. Reduces Prolactin (which itself depletes testosterone)
  2. Stimulates the pituitary gland
  3. Improves Growth Hormone and Free Testosterone levels
  4. Contains Saponins which stimulate Testosterone Increase
  5. Heightens its own Absorption and Bio-availability

NOTE: The increases in testosterone are the result of the body’s natural (endogenous) release being optimized. There is no introduction of synthetic hormones.

Ingredient Formula

The following ingredients make up the TestBoost recipe:

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) – 1,800mg

Ingredients QuestionResearch has proven D-AA to be one of the strongest testosterone boosters, with a very fast action and steep increase. As mentioned, its mode of action is to increase luteinizing hormone. [ref. 1 and 2]

Fenugreek – 100mg

Fenugreek can increase free testosterone without increasing estrogen. Studies also showed its promise as a fat reducer and blood sugar controller. [ref. 3]

Vitamin D3 – 5200 IU

Getting enough Vitamin D can be an issue for people who spend a lot of time out of the sun in an office. It’s a problem though because low levels of the D can mean low levels of the T.

In fact, simply put, higher levels of Vitamin D are extremely beneficial to Testosterone levels. A significant increase was found in a study involving 200 men. [ref. 4]

Zinc – 11mg

Zinc is one of the most studied of the testosterone boosting minerals. All of the major experiments involving humans show a significant rise in testosterone.

Perhaps the most impressive study is that which involved elite athletes. Due to their exhaustion levels, testosterone can become depleted. Zinc restored them impressively. [ref. 5]

Magnesium – 200mg

During studies involving athletes performing martial arts, compared to a placebo group, magnesium increases levels of free testosterone. [ref. 6]

Mucuna Pruriens – 200mg

This interesting bean can increase testosterone and growth hormone levels, and has done in some major investigative studies. [ref. 7]

It also elevates levels of L-Dopa, making it a promising cognitive agent.

BioPerine – 10mg

This is a patented form of pepper which can increase the absorption and bio-availability of the ingredients taken alongside it. Basically, it is becoming an essential component in any modern capsule supplement.

Side Effects

For the average person there should be zero side effects according to the company. People with medical issues or those currently taking medication should consult their doctor.


The product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. This enabled us to get the 3 month special offer and still have the option of sending it back for a refund.

Of course, we were satisfied with the results, so we didn’t have to send it back but it’s good to know.

Our Feedback

RecommendedWe’ve always liked D-AA on its own merit so to use it in a strong formula together with other good ingredients improves it.

We like TestBoost for the clean increase in energy, vitality and general well-being. Also, it helps you feel horny as hell, if we’re honest.

We notices some increased training aggression in the gym, and fat loss rate increased after about a month of taking it.

TestBoost is recommended for sure.

Purchasing Options

TestBoost BottleYou won’t find TestBoost on Amazon or ebay under some shady 3rd party seller. The only place to get the genuine product is on the company website.

TestBoost is manufactured in the US and can be delivered to most places including the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada and Europe.

Currently there are no coupon codes as the big special offer is running.

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Arachidonic Acid part II – Side Effects and Study Limitations

ARA Part II – Don’t Swallow the Pill Just Yet

study microscopeOur ‘Part I’ article covering an introduction to Arachidonic Acid and its effects, together with a summary of the latest scientific research conducted with human subjects, will give you a good idea of its potential as a bodybuilding supplement, and why supplement companies are licking their lips at the prospect of profits.

Molecular Research, the company which originally patented the fatty acid ARA as a bodybuilding supplement have opened the license up, and with it decided to push the envelope with respect to scientific ratification of its benefits to physical composition.

We’ve seen the results from said scientific research and ARA looks like a winner, but before you rush out and throw your hard-earned cash at your local supplement dealer, there’s a few more points we’d like to cover, so that you’re making an informed decision.

What’s Up With Scientific Research?

Money is what’s up.

Money is the currency of corruption, the catalyst of nearly all that is wrong with this world.

Deep, huh?… but do stay with us. We haven’t gone off the deep end just yet.

Scientific research, is theoretically devoid of bias, pure, incorruptible.

money scienceUnfortunately, it also costs money. But where you might think there’s some philanthropic Gandalf lookalike sat in a temple signing cheques and giving the go-ahead for this study, or that clinical trial, while monks chant gently across a stunning mountainous backdrop, the reality is much less romantic (or ridiculous).

The two major studies looking at the potential benefits of ARA as a bodybuilding supplement were partially funded by, you’ve guessed it, the founding and principal patent-holding supplement company Molecular Research.

When an advert for some face cream cites a study which proves it can make you look younger, who do you think paid for the study? Sometimes the scientists are even on the same payroll as the company.

The point is: the investors have the money and the motivation to invest in these studies. If they didn’t, we’d have very little to go on, and we mean that in a global context.

Now, this in itself is nothing to get too worked up about. Nor is it anything new. Dig a little deeper than the surface of any scientific paper and you’ll find a similar situation.

There’s just…something not right with that paradigm.

That said, without huge pharmaceutical (and now, nutraceutical) companies doing the hard work, we would be nowhere near the advanced state in medicine and health products that we are today. Their motive might be money, but there are rewards for everyone in the end.

What Does It Mean for ARA?

moleculesThe first study conducted showed little benefit to the bodybuilder. An increase in power was noted, but where the second study resulted in increased Lean Body Mass, 1RM and Power across the board, the first was a bit of a damp squibb.

Now, the scientific community still has some balls, and so the results were available for public access. Thus, ARA didn’t get quite the springboard the company was hoping for.

Please note that we are not trashing any particular company. In fact, Molecular Research – a company with the word ‘research’ in their name – is one which we respect highly. Put that word above your door and you’d better conduct some f***ing research. Which they do, and they publish it, so that’s good!

The first study (reference link below) had a few differences to the second study referenced in Part 1 of this article.

  • 1000mg of ARA (as opposed to 1500mg in the 2nd study) was used in the first study.
  • Each major muscle group was trained twice per week in the first study (as opposed to once in the second study)
  • Food was logged closely in the first study to ensure the subjects were taking on an adequate amount of protein for positive nitrogen retention and muscle anabolism (in the second study, participants were told to simply continue with regular dietary habits).

ref. Roberts MD et al. Effects of arachidonic acid supplementation on training adaptations in resistance-trained males. 2007. []

None of the above implies foul play by any means, but it makes for an interesting comparison.

Where protein intake was NOT monitored, along with a higher dose of ARA and more recovery time for the major muscle groups between training sessions, a more significant positive correlation was demonstrated between ARA and muscle growth.

This could look like a case of a company taking a trial-and-error approach to the research until they get the desirable result.

Or, it could simply be that the 1.5 grams of ARA and longer adaptation time are key factors. And surely men who have been serious about bodybuilding for at least 2 years have got their nutrition dialled in!

In the very least, it’s difficult to draw hard conclusions as to ARA’s bodybuilding benefits when the two main studies contradict one another.

What About Side Effects?

doctorThe dose of ARA involved in the study is far above the RDA from dietary intake alone. Whether this has deleterious effects is up for scientific debate. However, long term use could have some feedback side effects that are undesirable.

Arachidonic Acid is tightly associated with an inflammatory response. In our first article, we highlighted the fact that inflammation is essential for muscle recovery, but may also be negative when outside its normal parameters.

The long term effects of such chronic inflammation have not been studied extensively, and so it remains to be seen – perhaps through user experience – as to whether it is cause for concern.

One concern with any product which encourages inflammation is its effect on certain cancers prone to worsening through such activity. Again there is no firm basis for this concern as of yet but it is unwise to use a supplement of this type if you are suffering from prostate cancer, or any other similar type.

The jury is still out as to the impact on cognitive decline or improvement. ARA may possibly increase markers for Alzheimer’s, but also, paradoxically, improve cognitive function in elderly people.

In this case it might be the dosage which ends up being the critical factor, however, studies are only beginning to increase awareness of what the dosage limits might be.

Arachidonic Acid in Conclusion

Recent research has demonstrated that ARA promotes inflammation, which provides benefits to muscle strength, power and size.

Somewhat in contrast to other studies, the most recent one may have shown more accurately what type of dosage and training regime may be required to get the most from the supplement.

Caution is advised, however, as both research and anecdotal data are in their early days. The supplement industry is largely unregulated and by no means do a couple of well performed clinical trials imply chronic use is totally without risk.

The effects of long term use have not been qualified or quantified and so anyone looking to use ARA as a bodybuilding supplement is advised to approach it in much the same manner as many of the other ‘unknowns’ in the industry: on a cycle by cycle basis.